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There are steps to take to financially survive a divorce

Oftentimes, when two people decide to marry, they have financial goals in mind that they envision accomplishing together. When those plans go awry due to a divorce, it may be a serious financial hardship for many. There are steps that Colorado families can take that may help shore up their monetary futures.

Father who was arrested involved in ongoing child custody case

For parents, one of the hardest issues to resolve after a relationship ends may be deciding with whom the children should primarily reside. The majority of the time, these child custody battles can be settled through mediation and the family courts. Every state has its own guidelines, and Colorado is no exception.

Ensuring you receive an equitable share during a Colorado divorce

The process of dissolving your marriage can take a toll on you both emotionally and financially. In the event of a divorce, ensuring that you receive an equitable share of the assets may feel like a difficult proposition. Even though Colorado divorce laws require a fair division of marital property, it may be subjective as to what equitable will mean to you.

Tips for couples where one parent stays at home

If you are getting married and have a loose arrangement in place that one parent stays at home to care for any future children while the other works, it is a good idea to consider a prenuptial agreement. Such agreements ease the strain on the marriage by providing reassurance that both spouses will be taken care of financially.

Monetary considerations for older couples contemplating a divorce

In fairy tales, once upon a time typically leads to happily ever after. Real life rarely works out that way. In fact, many marriages do not last, including ones that have endured for decades. For any number reasons, some Colorado residents may be considering a later-in-life divorce.

Radio host, Alex Jones, loses child custody case

In 2015, InfoWars radio host Alex Jones divorced his wife, Kelly Jones, and was given custody of the couple's three minor children. Now, in a relatively rare reversal, a jury determined that the mother presented the better option in the child custody trial that lasted nine days. The radio host's program likely has listeners in Colorado who may not have been aware that Jones was in the midst of a custody battle.

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