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Deciding how to divide a business during a Colorado divorce

Many Colorado couples own a family business. This adds a layer of complexity to their relationship, as they will have to work together not only as romantic and family partners, but also as partners who share a business interest. When such a marriage ends in divorce, determining how to divide the family business can be a challenge. The following are the three most common options.

Discussing child custody changes with kids of all ages

Deciding to divorce is never an easy choice for Colorado parents. Discussing the decision and the resulting child custody changes with one's children is even more daunting a task. Parents should prepare for those conversations ahead of time and with an eye toward tailoring the talks to meet the emotional maturity levels of their children.

How to ease child support contention outside of the courtroom

Fewer topics causes a deeper division among parents than the issue of child support. While no one would argue against both parents contributing to a shared child's needs, the manner in which child support is currently handled is a source of significant debate. Often, Colorado parents cannot see eye-to-eye on the matter, and they end up taking their child support grievances before a court of law. That outcome does nothing to improve the co-parenting relationship, and it often fails to net the custodial parent any form of meaningful support.

Remaining flexible during child custody challenges

Many Colorado parents enter into custody negotiations with the idea that once the paperwork is signed, the division of parenting time will be set in stone and that there will be no need for further discussion on the matter. In reality, however, most families use their child custody agreement as a guideline and make adjustments accordingly. For parents who do not have a collaborative relationship with each other, handling child custody changes can be difficult. When parents can be flexible and reasonable, kids benefit. This makes it important for parents to try and find a way to work out scheduling issues in a way that is free of conflict.

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