Radio host, Alex Jones, loses child custody case

In 2015, InfoWars radio host Alex Jones divorced his wife, Kelly Jones, and was given custody of the couple’s three minor children. Now, in a relatively rare reversal, a jury determined that the mother presented the better option in the child custody trial that lasted nine days. The radio host’s program likely has listeners in Colorado who may not have been aware that Jones was in the midst of a custody battle.

The mother had been limited in the amount of time that she was permitted to spend with the children based on allegations that she had subjected the children, who range in age from 14 to 9, to emotional abuse. However, her attorneys argued that it is actually Jones who is the abusive parent. The attorneys worked to introduce evidence that alluded to the fact that the radio host is little different from the man he is in his private life. The judge did limit the type and number of clips from the show that did not deal directly with Jones’ ability to effectively parent the children.

His attorneys worked diligently to demonstrate that Jones’ on-air personality was created only for his listeners and that he bore little resemblance to that man while with his children. However, the judge did allow evidence that referred to excessive alcohol consumption and a few other clips that did not portray Jones in a positive light. He, himself, purportedly gave conflicting testimony while on the stand in regard to his own behavior.

The jury spent approximately 10 hours during the deliberation phase before deciding 10 to two that the mother should be granted the right to choose where the children will reside. Jones will be permitted visitation rights, though a schedule had not yet been determined. In these types of public child custody cases, it is difficult to declare one side a clear winner, especially when children may be caught in the middle. Colorado families that find themselves in a dispute that is proving difficult to resolve may seek the guidance of family law professionals in order to ensure the children will benefit in the end.

Source:, “InfoWar’s Alex Jones loses custody case, ex-wife wins right to decide where children live“, Ben Hartman, April 27, 2017

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