Father who was arrested involved in ongoing child custody case

For parents, one of the hardest issues to resolve after a relationship ends may be deciding with whom the children should primarily reside. The majority of the time, these child custody battles can be settled through mediation and the family courts. Every state has its own guidelines, and Colorado is no exception.

Recently, one such dispute may have been the catalyst behind an Amber Alert and an in-depth search for a father and his two children. He was purportedly camping with the two girls, aged 7 and 6. When the mother was unable to communicate with him, she contacted officials in her jurisdiction. At the time, the authorities claimed they did not have sufficient evidence that a crime was committed in order to issue a formal alert for the children.

However, when a burned vehicle belonging to the man, along with a supply of ammunition, was later discovered, police feared for the safety of the young girls and issued the Amber Alert, along with the description of the father. He purportedly has a history of illegal substance abuse and allegedly suffers from disturbing behavioral issues. The children were later recovered safely in Nevada, though they reside in Idaho.

The 29-year-old father was taken into custody, though information regarding the charges he may be facing was not disclosed. While there are sometimes reports of a parent or family member reacting rashly in response to a child custody dispute, the majority of Colorado parents are able to place the best interest of their children first and settle custody issues without resorting to extreme measures. When parents find themselves in a situation that they cannot resolve, a family law attorney can offer sage advice and effective representation.


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