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Inflexibility does not aid in the division of marital assets

People sometimes react to the end of their marriage in strange ways, making decisions that are not in their own best interests, or rushing through aspects of the divorce process that deserve a more careful approach. When faced with the end of a marriage, Colorado spouses should understand that the choices that are made can have lasting ramifications. Nowhere is this more true than in regard to the division of marital assets.

Child custody case may center on tribal membership

Parents or guardians in Colorado and elsewhere who are fearful that their children are at risk of harm will often make rash decisions on how to protect them. A prime example is found in the case of a grandmother who has taken her two grandsons to a Native American reservation in an effort to avoid a child custody ruling that would return the children to their father. The final outcome of the case could take years to resolve and may end up being heard by a federal court.

Settle, or the division of marital assets will become public

For many wealthy Colorado residents, privacy is of the utmost importance, and when divorce is on the table, maintaining that privacy becomes a challenge. This especially true for couples who are not only wealthy, but are also well-known. An example is found in the divorce saga between Ken and Anne Griffin. The couple recently settled their divorce case, and the ultimate division of marital assets will likely remain private. Prior to that development, however, the pair went through multiple bitter legal exchanges over the end of their marriage.

Common divorce mistakes made by women

When it comes to divorce, statistics suggest that men and women approach the matter differently. In fact, one shocking statistic suggests that women make up 75 percent of all elderly people living in poverty, and that 75 percent of those women were not poor while they were married. This data should spur all Colorado women into making better decisions both within and after their divorce.

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