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The dissolution of a marriage can be a painful and legally complex process one should never navigate alone. At The Law Center P.C., our attorneys provide meticulous and informed guidance from start to finish to help the process run as smoothly as possible. Our team handles scores of divorces each year, yet we do so with personal attention to each one. This sheer volume of cases provides experience few other firms can claim. We ensure that clients have a solid grasp of the intricate nature of Colorado family law, and our experienced team assists with all facets of the case.

We are especially skilled in:

  • Complex divorce involving the division of businesses, significant assets, trusts, etc.
  • Military divorce involving pensions and other unique concerns
  • Alimony/spousal maintenance settlements
  • Child support calculations and enforcement
  • Parenting time and parental responsibilities
  • Other issues related to contested or uncontested divorce

Staying On The Cutting Edge Of Ever-Evolving Divorce Laws

One of the first questions one should ask a potential lawyer is whether he or she regularly attends continuing legal education (CLE) classes to stay abreast of changes to case law and statutes.

All lawyers and paralegals at The Law Center P.C. attend CLE courses annually, far in excess of the mandated minimums. We invest hundreds of hours in keeping our team on the cutting edge of legal developments. In addition to attending courses, our attorneys author continuing legal education presentations and contribute to professional publications, sharing their expertise with their colleagues in the bar. Managing director Robert Wareham has authored essays on statutory civil protection orders, attorney liens in domestic relations cases and magistrate review in domestic relations cases. He has also authored and presented presentations on state and federal firearms laws. He is a recognized expert in each of these areas of the law.

What Spousal Maintenance Am I entitled To?

The answer to this question varies. A new law in Colorado defines the potential payment for spousal maintenance for a couple whose combined income is less than $240,000 with a formula that includes taking 40% of the higher earner’s wage and subtracting 50% of the lower earner’s wage. As an example, if the higher earner made $100,000/yr and the lower earner made $50,000/yr, the spousal maintenance amount paid to the lower earner would be $15,000/yr. For spouses whose combined income is over $240,000 the rules are less clear.
Additionally, according to Colorado divorce law, the necessity of spousal maintenance varies. In some cases if both wage-earners make the same amount no maintenance will be awarded unless there are circumstances such as children needing special care. If one spouse does not work, barring extenuating circumstances the spousal maintenance will be temporary with the intention of helping the lesser-earning spouse find more lucrative employment or gain more education.
The rules that surround spousal maintenance in Colorado can quickly become confusing especially if disabilities or children are involved.

Is a Small-Town Attorney Better?

When you’re looking for a divorce attorney, it can be easy to fall into the trap of a local attorney. They seem like they’ll be more affordable, and perhaps like you’ll receive more personal attention to your case which seems like it might be beneficial. Unfortunately, these ideas may not be correct.

A small-town attorney may never in their career handle as many divorce cases as a firm in a larger town. Although the fee is higher, you will be paying for years of experience handling dozens of cases similar to yours and a team with exceptional experience. It’s important to weigh the lower cost versus the higher experience. If your case has complications such as a large asset pool or child custody, you may find that the benefit you will gain from seeking a more experienced divorce attorney will outweigh any savings or personal attention you may receive from your small town divorce attorney.

What Happens if My Spouse Gets a Really Good Divorce Attorney?

For someone going through a divorce, it can be alarming to realize your spouse has retained a lawyer with a lot of experience. What you may not realize is your spouse selecting an experienced divorce attorney may actually be to your benefit. A divorce attorney who has specialized in this area of law has the unique benefit of knowing what has happened in a similar case previously and knowing what you and your spouse may each be entitled to; the best thing you can do in response is get a very experienced attorney of your own. If both you and your spouse have divorce attorneys who specialize in this area of law, they will be able to help negotiate your settlements with very little time spent in court.

How is this to your benefit? Going to court and mediators is a costly process, and a lawyer that can help you avoid that necessity can help prevent your divorce from being more of a financial hardship than it has to be. Before you become overwhelmed when you realize who your spouse has retained as their divorce attorney, contact The Law Center at 303-991-5200 right away and schedule your consultation with one of our experienced divorce attorneys to find out how we can help you navigate your divorce. : The Law Center PC

How Should I Choose a Divorce Attorney?

When going through a divorce, a common concern is “how do I choose an attorney?” It’s not unusual for the reflexive choice to be going with the least expensive attorney – divorce is frequently financially devastating. However, there are other factors that it’s important to remember when selecting the right attorney.
An important factor when considering the expense of a lawyer is their support staff. Does your potential lawyer have a full staff, or is he or she working on their own? Hiring a lawyer with a lower hourly fee but no support staff can ultimately cost you quite a bit more. A lawyer without a support staff will be doing the legwork on your case on their own, which means that hourly charge will be applied to everything done for you. However, a lawyer with a staff will have paralegals and associates to handle the paperwork and reduce your cost.

Remember that choosing a divorce attorney is not quite the same as selecting any other type of attorney. Your divorce attorney will be the person who will help you and your spouse divide your assets, negotiate any spousal maintenance, arrange child custody, and will be the person protecting you from as much of the financial backlash of your divorce as possible.

Choose a lawyer with the experience and support to get you what you deserve – call The Law Center, PC today at 303-991-5200 and schedule your consultation with one of our experienced, and well-supported, divorce attorneys!

Helping You Establish A New Life

Transitioning to life after marriage is rarely easy. It affects not only your family relationships, but also your current and future finances. This is why it is so important to work with an attorney who can help with not only your divorce, but also considerations such as tax implications and adjustments to your estate plan.

Comprehensive Advocacy In Ancillary Legal Matters

Our firm focuses on areas of the law that impact people’s lives on a daily basis. Whether amending an estate plan due to family changes, modifying a support order when kids go off to college or defending against criminal charges, they all have one thing in common — they impact the daily lives of our clients. The Law Center P.C. provides personalized legal services to individuals and families for just about all of life’s expected or unexpected events. The attorneys at The Law Center P.C. form lifelong relationships with their clients as counselors and advisers.

Call 303-991-5280 or contact us by email to schedule an initial consultation with one of our lawyers in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.


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