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January 2017 Archives

How social media could damage your divorce case

With the Internet, a wealth of information is available at the push of a button. This includes information about people via their social media pages. When it comes to divorce, separating couples should be very wary of social media. It can be used as evidence in court, potentially having a large impact on a divorce case.

Robin Thicke will continue to share child custody time with ex

Possibly one of the hardest aspects of divorce may be how to handle the raising of a former couple's children. It may only get more difficult to reach a child custody agreement when at least one parent is a celebrity as it gets more difficult to keep one's private life out of the news. As Colorado residents may have read, Robin Thicke recently had another public disagreement with his son's mother.

Divorce of former NFL kicker, Josh Brown, finalized

Many young athletes dream of making it to the NFL and having a long and successful career. However, not every dream has a happy ending. That holds true of marriage too, as so many later end in divorce. Even football players who make it to the big-time are not immune to the consequences of life, as one player recently discovered. Colorado football fans may be familiar with Josh Brown after highly publicized claims surfaced concerning abuse of his wife.

Colorado coach Joe Tumpkin faces allegations of domestic violence

In football, a safety's job is to be the hardest hitting tackler in order to try and prevent the other team from gaining yardage. Recently, a man entrusted with ensuring that the University of Colorado football team's safeties are tough and physical has been accused of domestic violence. He has not been charged yet, but the victim has obtained a restraining order.

3 considerations to keep in mind when pondering a gray divorce

If you have been following our blog, you are familiar with a developing trend in divorce: the gray divorce. This phrase refers to the dissolution of marriage in the over 50s sect. As a result of the Great Recession's impact on family budgets, the divorce rate of couples under this age bracket has been on the decline over the past decade; the same trend does not hold true for those nearing the completion of their careers. According to a Bowling Green State University study, the rate of those aged 50 and older who filed for divorce doubled in the time period spanning 1990 to 2010.

Actor James Caan's divorce will be a costly one

There are many people who dream of one day being on the silver screen and making a name for themselves -- not to mention a good living. Unfortunately, there is often a downside to fame and fortune; marriages in the celebrity world often end in divorce. Many families in Colorado are likely familiar with who James Caan is, but they may not be aware that the actor is in the midst of his fourth breakup.

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