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Starting single parenthood off on the right foot

If you and your child's other parent are no longer planning to raise your child together, it is generally important to speak with an attorney so that you can begin your life as a single parent on firm ground. If you and your child's other parent are married and are currently divorcing, you likely already have retained the services of an attorney or plan to do so soon. But even if you and your child's other parent are not married, it is generally important to speak with an attorney as the legal rights and responsibilities afforded to single parents can be complex and confusing. In order to better protect your own interests and your child's interests, it is important to seek legal guidance.

Seeking to mediate your divorce? Consider these ideas

Just as there is no one correct way to achieve a healthy marriage, there is no one correct way to achieve a healthy divorce. Some couples do not fundamentally disagree on matters of property division or child custody and are able to pursue a straightforward, uncontested divorce. Other couples do fundamentally disagree on important matters and ultimately choose litigation in order to settle their differences.

Kudos from the court regarding child custody

The Law Center P.C. recently received the following compliment from the Court following a heavily disputed parental responsibilities case.  The Court wrote, "The Court is highly impressed by the successful cooperation between parties and counsel in minimizing the parties' attorney's fees and costs and solving problems with professionalism and a thoughtful child-centered compromise.  CONGRATULATIONS." Family Law

Are you mentally prepared for your divorce?

The circumstances surrounding your decision to divorce were almost certainly unpleasant. Perhaps you and your spouse had been growing apart for years. Or perhaps a single, awful event inspired your need to file for divorce. No matter how you came to your decision to divorce, you likely are not prepared for all of the realities that divorce entails. You may be more or less prepared than others filing for divorce, but chances are that you still have some work to do.

Navigating the most popular month for divorces

For better and for worse, more Americans choose to file for divorce during January than during any other month of the year. There are many reasons for this remarkable trend. Many couples do not want to drain the color out of the holiday season with news of their divorce. In addition, many individuals view the dawning of a new year as inspiration to pursue healthy choices. Oftentimes, choosing to divorce one’s spouse is indeed a very healthy choice.

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