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August 2016 Archives

Case challenges mother's decision making responsibility

A highly controversial and emotionally wrenching custody case has reached one state's Supreme Court, and it has led to debate across the nation, including in Colorado. The matter centers on a father's concerns about his former wife's decision making responsibility after she married a man who is a convicted sex offender. She brought him into the home she shares with her two teenage daughters. When the case went before the high Court, the father was unable to secure custody of the girls.

How to divide retirement assets during a Colorado divorce

For Colorado couples who are preparing the end their marriage, understanding how to properly divide retirement assets can be difficult. Each type of retirement account can have its own set of rules and guidelines for division, and failing to meet those stipulations can mean lost wealth for all parties. This an area of property division that deserves the attention of a skilled divorce attorney, as the outcome will have a lasting impact on the financial standing of both spouses.

Dealing with the division of marital assets before a divorce

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements have become so popular that numerous websites offer do-it-yourself forms. These forms might seem like a less expensive alternative, but Colorado couples need to remember that you often get what you pay for with DIY legal documents. There is no guarantee that the forms will comply with Colorado law and adequately handle the division of marital assets.

Are you a newly divorced parent who is dreading back-to-school time?

It's hard to believe that it's already August and, in just a couple of short weeks, schools throughout the area will be back in session. As kids and parents enjoy these fleeting last days of summer, some are likely feeling anxious about returning to school. This probably especially true for those who recently went through a divorce.

Father may have destroyed his child custody opportunity

Colorado parents may have read about an unusual custody case that led to a father's arrest on felony charges. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of taking the proper course of action when trying to secure child custody rights. Had this father chosen a different path, he may have been able to secure shared custody of his daughter. Instead, he now faces felony charges for child abduction.

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