Dividing Significant Assets In Divorce

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Dividing Significant Assets In Divorce

The way an ownership interest in a business, real estate or stock option is handled in a divorce can substantially affect how you live your life once your divorce is complete. Make sure you have an attorney who is capable of presenting a complete picture of your situation to the court. The vast majority of family law attorneys have little or no business ownership or management experience. Some young attorneys may never have filed anything other than a 1040EZ tax return! How are they going to assist you in preserving your business? The managing attorney of our litigation section, Robert Wareham, is the CEO of the firm and has owned and operated several successful businesses over his career. He knows what it takes to keep a business healthy by preserving working capital through a divorce.

At The Law Center P.C. , we know how to position our clients for success. We are skilled negotiators with extensive experience dividing significant assets in divorce in a way that meets the needs of all parties. Are you worried about how the courts will treat your property? We invite you to meet with an attorney to discuss how we can approach your case to ensure that you are treated fairly. Call our firm in Highlands Ranch at 303-991-5280 to schedule an appointment.

“We are not your typical lawyers. We are problem solvers.” — Robert Wareham

The Key To Managing High-Asset Property Division In Colorado

Colorado requires the equitable division of property. However property is allocated, it must be fair — but not necessarily equal. Under this rule, it is especially important to make sure we have an accurate valuation of all assets that are a part of the marital estate. This requires the ability to understand the changing value of assets throughout a marriage.

In one recent case, we helped a client secure a multimillion-dollar judgment following the sale of his interest in a business. We proved that an expert had undervalued the business at the time of the marriage, so the client’s premarital interest was far more substantial than what the expert stated. In addition, we demonstrated to the court that our client had been more than fair with his wife in other aspects of the divorce. While we constantly work toward settlement, it is not at the expense of being well-prepared for trial. In fact, the best way to impose your settlement terms is to show the other party that you are fully prepared to litigate the case.

These are the kinds of details that matter. We not only know how to spot a problem in a high-asset divorce, but we also know how to gather the evidence necessary to prove it in court.

When we have a client with substantial assets to protect, such as professional practices, businesses, stock options, real estate or investment property, we take the high ground and impose a settlement. We do this by making sure we have the facts necessary to succeed at trial before we begin negotiation.

Make Sure You Have A Strong Advocate On Your Side

The best way to ensure that family property division is fair is to hire a lawyer with the ability to use the facts to tell your story. To schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers, send us an email by completing our online form or call our firm directly at 303-991-5280.


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