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February 2016 Archives

One state considers controversial child custody reform

Family courts often struggle to stay abreast of social science research and current parenting trends. An example is found in the shifting approach toward shared child custody. One state is considering legislation that would ask the courts to begin all custody cases with the presumption that 50/50 shared custody is in the best interests of a child. The issue has raised a great deal of debate in Colorado and across the nation, with experts and parents chiming in on both sides of the matter.

Child custody and domestic violence: Tips for parents

When a relationship is defined by abuse, it can be very hard for the abused party to break free. A large part of domestic violence involves making the victim feel utterly powerless. When the victim is also a parent, things become even more complicated, as the parent is torn between wanting to protect their kids and fearing the ramifications that will come with leaving the relationship. Victims in Colorado who are facing a child custody battle against an abusive former partner have a difficult road ahead.

Gathering documents prior to division of marital assets

Spouses who are in the early stages of divorce should know that in order to begin the property division process, it is necessary to gain a comprehensive understanding of the full range of marital wealth. It is impossible to reach a fair outcome in the division of marital assets if a spouse is unaware of exactly what those assets may be. While this may sound like common sense, there are many Colorado families in which one partner plays little to no role in managing the family's finances.

Four things you might not know about prenuptial agreements

Many people never give prenuptial agreements much thought until they make plans to get married, and even then they are often overlooked or misunderstood. Learning more about this valuable legal tool can help you avoid missing out on its many benefits.

How to begin a post-divorce financial restructuring

The end of a marriage will bring a number of changes to Colorado spouses. In addition to the shift in daily routines, there are a number of financial matters that will be impacted by the transition from one household into two. Anticipating those changes and making sound financial decisions to support one's goals is critical to a successful outcome. The following tips are offered to help spouses begin planning their financial future while they are still in the early stages of divorce.

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