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December 2015 Archives

Under media spotlight, judge withdraws from child custody case

Some Colorado readers will recall coverage of an unusual and disturbing child custody case that left three children sitting in juvenile detention. The case received a great deal of media attention and led to outrage across the nation. In a recent and unexpected move, the judge in the case has withdrawn from any further participation after being accused of mishandling the child custody matter.

Legal challenges involved in divorce for many Colorado residents

While many Colorado residents are busy preparing for various holiday celebrations, others are determining how best to proceed in filing for divorce. Divorce is rarely easy, and the legal challenges that arise may seem exacerbated during the holiday season. Of course, there is professional help available to guide the parties through the process.

Reasons to avoid a delay in divorce filing

With the holiday season nearly past, many Colorado spouses are turning their attention toward the New Year and all that it might hold. For some, that includes ending an untenable marriage. That decision may have been made many months ago, but spouses often delay filing until after the holiday season has passed. That time is nearly here, and it is important to understand the risks of continuing to wait to file for divorce.

Divorce happening more among older individuals

Divorce can be a financially and emotionally challenging process in Colorado, especially for those who have been married for years or even decades. However, the divorce process can also be liberating for some individuals. Research shows that an increasing number of individuals in their 50s or older are opting to get divorced for a variety of reasons.

How to work out a mutually agreeable child custody plan

Dividing assets can be a stressful part of a divorce, but arguments over the wedding china and retirement accounts pale in comparison to those that can arise over the division of parenting time. Colorado parents who go through divorce and child custody are not only burdened with having to make incredibly impactful financial decisions; they also have to negotiate how much time they will have with shared children. This can place a terrible burden on spouses who are already under a great deal of stress.  

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