The Law Center P.C.

High-Class Service Spanning A Spectrum Of Practice Areas

Many firms advertise the fact that they only practice in one area of the law. However, The Law Center P.C. takes pride in its ability to provide comprehensive legal assistance. Few individuals have legal needs so narrow in scope that their cases fit neatly into one practice area. Instead, we find that clients often have concerns that overlap several areas.

Here is an example: A couple wants to file for divorce because of the financial strain that one spouse's spending habits have placed on the relationship. In addition, arguments over money lead to a domestic violence charge, and both parties require new estate plans after the divorce.

Retaining four different law firms to handle these four different areas of practice is unfeasible and often fiscally unsound. It can easily result in multiple retainers and conflicting legal advice. The criminal defense lawyer may arrange a plea bargain to resolve the domestic violence charge, but that same action could sabotage the divorce lawyer plan to help that parent gain joint custody.

It only makes sense to have a single law firm that is capable of providing strong representation across the board. The Law Center P.C. is here to offer the stellar legal solutions and effective representation clients seek during important life events and transitions.