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Do you need a forensic accountant on your divorce team?

The more assets you have, the higher the stakes are in a divorce. Many people with substantial assets find that hiring a forensic accountant helps them keep more of what they have worked their whole lives to amass. A forensic accountant is, in relatively simple terms, a type of accounting professional who can help you work through numerous financial aspects of your divorce so that you can make sure you wind up with everything you deserve after your split.

Just what types of financial matters might a forensic accountant be able to guide you through?

Should college plans figure into your child support agreement?

Do you and your spouse assume that your child will go to college one day? Then it's wise to plan for college costs during your divorce as you hammer out your child support agreement.

College expenses are generally not part of court-ordered support because most people don't enter college until they're legally adults. However, the college funding system takes into account parental income anyway -- which means that you and your spouse should plan for the expense. Even though the court doesn't require it, you can voluntarily enter into an agreement about how costs will be handled.

Heil Group


TLCPC's CEO, Robert Wareham, volunteers his time as Vice-Director of the Rocky Mountain Division (RMD) of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL®), the National Association for Amateur Radio. Last weekend he attended the ARRL® Rocky Mountain Division Annual Convention in Ogden, Utah where he met with ham radio operators from around the region (Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico). The high point of the weekend for Wareham was meeting music and audio industry icon Bob Heil of Heil Sound. Bob Heil emphasized how amateur radio technology influenced his life of invention and design during his keynote address and technical seminars. Heil Sound manufactures audio equipment for both amateur radio operators and professional musicians from its headquarters in Fairfield Heights, Illinois. After hearing Heil's presentation Wareham declared, "That's it, I am exclusively a Heil microphone user from this point on. Bob has engineered superb technology into all of his products." Wareham joined with ARRL® Rocky Mountain Division Director Jeff Ryan in listening to questions from constituents attending the conference, and reported to the assembly on legislative, regulatory and member service accomplishments of the ARRL®. 

Use technology to make communicating with an ex-spouse easier

Maybe you're already divorced but tied to your ex-spouse through a spousal support obligation or the children you share between you. Or, perhaps you're still going through the process of negotiating the division of your property, other assets and debts.

Either way, you may find trying to communicate with your ex-spouse (or soon-to-be ex) exhausting and an emotional drain -- particularly if you haven't gotten to the stage where it's possible to have a civil conversation most of the time.

Is there a maximum on spousal support in Colorado?

In the months leading up to your divorce, many questions may run through your mind - including fears about the future. If your spouse has always been the breadwinner in your relationship, you may worry about maintaining your standard of living after the split.

The Colorado family courts may grant one spouse in a divorce case spousal support. Spousal support, or partner support in domestic partnerships, helps the lower-earning spouse financially after a divorce. There is no cap on how much you could receive in spousal support in Colorado.

What should you know about dependency and neglect in Colorado?

A dependency and neglect (D&N) proceeding is a civil process -- not a criminal one. However, criminal charges sometimes arise out of D&N cases. If your child has been removed from your custody by the state due to allegations of dependency or neglect, it's essential to act quickly.

What does it mean to be a dependent or neglected child?

Minimizing the impact of divorce on the kids

A divorce is not easy on anyone. If you and your spouse have children, your divorce case will likely be even harder to navigate. Doing what is best for the whole family may take a bit of effort.

Children are resilient, but numerous studies have shown the negative impacts divorce can have. One study, for example, found that children generally fare better when parents work out their differences. Minimizing the impact your divorce might have on the kids takes a proactive approach.

How is marital property divided in Colorado?

Was it always "share and share alike" with your spouse during your marriage?

That attitude is likely to fall by the wayside rather quickly once you head to divorce court. Suddenly, your spouse may start insisting that the usual split isn't fair and that certain assets are his or her private property.

Paying for your divorce: Some options to consider

The high cost of divorce isn't just emotional -- it's also financial. The average cost of divorce these days is estimated to be about $15,000 -- although that can vary considerably depending on where you live, what you and your spouse are willing to negotiate in private and what you have to argue over.

So, how can you manage the expense? Here are some options to consider:

How Facebook, texts and emails affect a divorce case

Numerous divorces take place in Colorado each year. That means a lot of people spend thousands of dollars to separate from their partners. In 2018, Colorado fell into the top 10 most expensive states to divorce in. Although it may cost a lot of money, it is worth it in the long run for happiness. 

The divorce process can be lengthy, but there are measures you can take to make it simpler and go by faster. One way you can make the process easier is to be smart about how you use digital technology during this time. You need to be wary about what you post on Facebook and email to friends because you never know what could come up in court against you. 

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