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Getting a divorce? It's time to get legal help

Divorce is a particularly stressful experience for most people because it affects you emotionally, socially, physically and financially.

Having a support system in place early is one of the main reasons you need to consult a divorce attorney as early as possible -- ideally, as soon as you've made your decision.

A Comprehensive Approach to Divorce


A divorce involves many moving parts. Fortunately, our law firm has the experience to guide you through the process. When you contact us, we explain our comprehensive approach to family law issues. In a divorce, you need to understand the long-term tax considerations, as well as the impact of the divorce upon your estate plan. We will meet your needs at every step of the way.

Tips for newly single parents

Figuring out your life after divorce is tough. If you have primary or sole custody of your child, you must navigate the new world of single parenthood. While you may be thankful that you get the opportunity to take care of your child, it is no secret that being a single parent is difficult. 

Coping with the pressure and stress of parenting can be quite hard, especially as you deal with the reality of your divorce. Here are some tips to successfully raise your child on your own. 

Who gets the season tickets after your divorce?

The Rockies have had a decidedly mediocre start to the season. If you are an avid fan of Denver’s ballclub, though, you may value your season tickets. After all, even watching the Rockies lose in Coors Field beats just about any other way you can spend your day. If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, you may wonder what happens to your season tickets. 

Denver is a sports town. Whether you had no problem buying Rockies tickets or waited for years to get season tickets to Broncos games, you understand the value of your tickets. In Colorado, family law judges divide property according to what they find to be equitable. While you may choose to fight for your season tickets in open court, you have a few other options. 

Does your custody agreement need a right of first refusal clause?

Douglas County is a wonderful place to raise a family. Whether you are watching your kids play soccer at Stroh Ranch, hiking with them at Roxborough or heading downtown for a Rockies game, there is a seemingly endless number of possibilities for turning your young ones into well-rounded adults. If you must split custody of your children with a former spouse, you may desire to increase the time you have with your kids. 

With a well-drafted custody agreement or parenting plan, you know when you can plan to see your kids. Still, if your former partner regularly allows others to watch your children, both you and your kids may feel cheated. A right of first refusal clause in your custody agreement requires your ex-spouse to offer you the opportunity to care for your children first before asking someone else to do it. Here are some advantages of a right of first refusal provision: 

Another NFL player, Tyreek Hill, accused of domestic violence

Those who have excelled in the world of professional sports may have a tendency to feel almost invincible at times. Unfortunately, that feeling of invincibility may lead a select few to overstep the bounds of appropriate behavior in the mistaken belief that there will be insignificant consequences. NFL fans in Colorado may be aware that Tyreek Hill, a star wide receiver with the Chiefs, is on suspension following allegations of domestic violence.

Hill, who was drafted in 2016, was suspended after reports of an audio recording involving possible child abuse were televised on a local news station. The report also included details of two separate police calls in the past 30 days involving the former Pro Bowler and his finance. On at least one of those calls it was determined that the couple's 3-year-old child had been injured, though it was unclear how the injuries occurred or who may have been responsible.

Three main considerations when it comes to child support

The process of divorcing is a difficult experience. If there are children involved, then working through an agreement may be even more challenging. Colorado families who are concerned about how their children are provided for may have many questions regarding the issue of child support. There are three main points to keep in mind regarding these payments.

Courts are more likely to support shared child custody today

Over the past 30 years, there has been a dramatic shift in society in many areas, including divorce and parenting. One of the more positive shifts has been that more and more courts in Colorado and elsewhere are more inclined to start with the presumption that shared child custody is preferable in the majority of cases. This change has been welcomed by dads who desire to help raise their children.

A high asset divorce may expose some financial landmines

The end of a marriage entails both emotional and financial difficulties. While emotions take time to resolve, it is helpful to prepare for the financial fallout that often accompanies a high asset divorce. Colorado residents may choose to seek financial advice to work through any financial landmines successfully.

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