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Accurate valuation of business vital during divorce

There are countless numbers of Colorado residents who have spent years building a business from the ground up. It can seem like a cruel twist of fate when the survival of that business is threatened by an impending divorce. One of the best means of protecting such a venture is ensuring that it is given a professional evaluation by a qualified accountant. 

If a business owner is headed for a divorce, one of his or her first concerns is what will happen to their livelihood. A dissolution can mean the end of a profitable venture if one is forced to arrive at a settlement agreement that either over or undervalues such an enterprise. When these assets are part of a divorce, an experienced attorney will retain the services of a specially trained accountant. These individuals possess a thorough and extensive knowledge of all the factors that determine the true worth of a business.

Divorce may result in some financial advantages

A demise of a marriage is seldom a happy event and usually comes with significant emotional and monetary struggles. There are times, though, when a divorce filing can result in a few financial advantages. Colorado residents who are in the beginning stages of a divorce may benefit from a few of these.

Once a new year commences, it often is heralded by an increase in divorce filings. While a dissolution is never a pleasant undertaking, it does not always mean that one's finances will continually suffer. There are some situations that may result in monetary gains -- one of which is a change in tax filing status. While it is often assumed that a married filing status results in the best tax rates, there are times that two incomes mean a higher tax bracket. A single filing status may translate into lower taxes. 

How does emotional abuse tie in with domestic violence?

Spousal abuse is a pervasive issue that affects men and women of all races, income levels and social standing. Each year in Colorado and elsewhere, thousands of people fear for their safety from those they should be able to trust the most. There is no dispute that domestic violence is a terrible problem that should never happen. However, you might wonder where emotional and psychological abuse fit in the puzzle. Is non-violent abuse as serious as a slap, punch, kick or worse?

Emotional abuse is, in fact, a serious form of spousal and child abuse, states the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Emotional manipulation is almost always present in relationships that include physical violence, but an abuser does not have to ever hit you for some behavior to qualify as abuse. For example, an emotional abuser may use the following tactics:

  • Consistently insulting and belittling you to make you feel inferior
  • Threatening to harm you, the kids or your pets if you upset your abuser
  • Making you feel like you are always wrong or “going crazy”
  • Getting angry, offended or upset at any slight, real or imagined
  • Constantly being suspicious of your whereabouts and jealous of your friends and associates
  • Isolating you from your family and friends

County worker fired for alleged involvement in child custody case

There are few times in life that can create more conflict than during and in the months following a relationship break-up involving children. Parents who are at odds over the issue of child custody may struggle to determine which arrangement will work best. Colorado parents who are experiencing difficulty in this area may seek further information on how to best resolve the matter.

Recently, the sheriff's department in one state determined that an employee took a serious custody matter into her own hands and did not follow the official protocol for doing so. The woman was terminated from her position after 18 years for inserting herself into a custody battle without ensuring that the children involved were safe. According to the report, she was approached by an acquaintance in her capacity as a child welfare worker to conduct an interview with three young children in the center of a custody dispute.

Boston pitcher, Wright, arrested on misdemeanor domestic violence

No one is immune to family abuse, including those who are admired in the world of professional sports. There have been many incidents that have involved allegations of domestic violence, though not every accusation ends in charges. Colorado residents who face this serious social issue do have recourse to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Recently, a notable pitcher for the Boston Red Sox was arrested on allegations that he committed a misdemeanor offense against his spouse at his residence. According to the accounts, Steven Wright engaged in a heated exchange and purportedly prevented his wife from calling emergency dispatchers at first concerning his actions. She did finally call, however, and officials arrived and placed Wright under arrest.

Experienced support team beneficial during divorce

No one who makes the decision to enter into a marriage plans for the relationship to become unsustainable. While the divorce rate has trended downward slightly among some demographics, there is still a good possibility that a marriage will end in divorce, unfortunately. Even though this is an emotional and financial ordeal for many Colorado residents, the right support team can make the process manageable.

A marriage dissolution can be one of the most challenging periods of a person's life. It is during this time that one may draw the most benefit from a strong, professional support team. If a divorce proceeding entails managing custody and significant assets, then a spouse may have a reasonably strong support system in the form of family and friends. However, there are other support personnel who can be instrumental in helping one throughout the ordeal.

Things that are unenforceable in a prenup

Many married couples are discovering the advantages of entering into a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage. In fact, over half of all attorneys in the United States reported an increase in the number of requested prenups, as per a report in Time

In the event a couple divorces, both parties may assume the prenup will take care of everything. However, it is easy for one person to overlook a key component of a prenup, which has the potential to significantly inconvenience the person later in life. Both attorneys will look at the prenup before beginning the divorce proceedings. Sometimes there are features in the document that are simply unenforceable. 

Divorce can have significant impact on retirement

According to recent trends, it appears that the overall rate for marital dissolutions has decreased slightly over the past several years with the exception of one segment of the population: those over age 50. The upswing in the divorce rate for this demographic is often referred to as the "gray divorce" and has increased in numbers during the past two decades. While there may be many reasons for this rise in later-in-life divorces, Colorado residents may benefit from careful planning in order to preserve their retirement options.

Often times, when older couples are contemplating a divorce, the first professional they will consult is a financial planner. These financial advisors may enable an individual who is nearing retirement to plan for a divorce while still retaining the ability to retire as hoped. There are often many unexpected expenses that a divorcing couple did not anticipate that can have a negative impact on savings and retirement plans.

The FBI’s pursuit against corporate fraud

Corporations, specifically C Corporations, are the subject of regulation by federal and state laws, perhaps more stringently than other types of business formations. When upper management errs in failing to ensure compliance with regulations and laws concerning the operation of the corporation, those with involvement may suffer serious legal consequences.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, white collar crime, in particular corporate fraud, is one of the Bureau’s top priorities in terms of criminal investigation and prosecution. It causes tremendous injury to the nation’s economy as well as investor’ faith.

Taking proactive measures early may ease divorce process

Though it is often stated that approximately 50 percent of marriages do not last, according to Pew Research, that statistic may no longer be accurate. The divorce rate is purportedly lower than it has been since the 1980s. In spite of the lower divorce rate, if Colorado residents are considering entering into a long-term relationship, they may choose to plan proactively in the event that the marriage or relationship does not last.

One characteristic that seems to set younger couples apart from the previous generations is their pragmatic approach to the subject of divorce. These couples are often educated and successful in their careers, and they tend to view divorce as the most viable option when a relationship is struggling rather than sticking it out over the long term like older generations have tended to do. Their attitude toward a dissolution is also more accepting, and they purportedly view it as an opportunity instead of a negative event.

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