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When negotiating alimony during divorce, calm approach is best

The end of a marriage is fraught with many emotions that can work against clear decision-making. When it's time to negotiate certain aspects of one's divorce -- such as alimony -- taking a calm approach may not feel natural, but it can allow one to reach the best terms. Colorado residents can seek assistance when attempting to make the best decisions without allowing emotions to rule the process.

One of the first reactions to alimony payments is to end them as soon as possible. However, if a spouse elects to make a large one-time payment, it can wind up costing more than smaller payments extended over time. If a receiving former partner later decides to move in with a partner or remarries, these payments usually come to an end. Another helpful tool for those who may be required to make these support payments is to seek the advice of financial experts who can help determine the need for payments and at what rate and length of time.

Student loan debt creates more stress that could lead to divorce

There are many stresses that can eventually erode a marriage. According to financial professionals, debt plays a significant role when couples choose to file for a divorce. Colorado residents who are considering filing for a dissolution may worry about how accumulated debt can adversely affect their future finances.

According to a recent study published by SunTrust Bank, stress over finances contributed to the numbers of divorces. An estimated 33 percent of divorced participants stated that debt played a major role in their decision to end a marriage. Approximately one divorce out of every eight resulted from the pressures exerted by mounting student loan debt. That amount has increased approximately 62 percent over the past 10 years and currently stands at an average of $34,140 per loan.

Division of marital assets requires careful consideration

With an estimated 50 percent of all marriages ending in divorce, it may come as no surprise that many couples simply want to get through the process as quickly as possible. However, if the division of marital assets is not undertaken with careful consideration, then the spouses may suffer the financial consequences later. Colorado residents who are preparing to file for a dissolution may benefit from thoroughly reviewing their assets first.

There are several key points that seem to evoke the most conflict during property division negotiations. These include the family home, businesses, tax liabilities, life and health insurance policies, and the division of retirement accounts. In many circumstances, a spouse may be willing to compromise in an effort to bring the process to a close. Unfortunately, this could lead to one party bearing a higher financial burden when there are unaccounted for costs or expenses -- especially if one elected to keep the home and the cost of the upkeep exceeded one's expectations.

Why postnuptial agreements may alleviate financial distress

Prenuptial agreements define specific, individual assets before a marriage in the event of a divorce. You and your spouse avoided signing one due to its connotative definition of protecting one person's wealth. Now, you head for financial and relationship turmoil, and you wonder about your options had you not signed a pre-nup.

If you are already married, are all your assets automatically split and distributed? In Colorado, without designating specific assets and debts, they may prove to be. Signing a postnuptial agreement may answer many uncertain financial questions for couples - leaving them focused on repairing their marriage or financially confident in the event it ends in a divorce.

Careful planning can prevent losing retirement hopes in divorce

The end of a marriage is an emotionally and often financially draining time. While one will recover emotional well-being over time, careful planning can help avoid the loss of retirement hopes in the aftermath of a divorce. Colorado residents who are preparing to begin the dissolution process may choose to consult with professionals on how to preserve retirement goals.

One of the first steps one can take to manage the division of marital assets is to take a careful inventory of all financial and real estate holdings. Once a complete listing of all retirement accounts, investments and other assets have been compiled, it is time to determine how to arrive at an equitable division. This can be a complicated process as each account may have certain rules and penalties that can be assessed if the division is not done properly.

Money issues often at heart of marital discord and divorce

The most often repeated statistic regarding the survival rate of marriages is approximately 50 percent. Though there are many factors that play a role in the demise of these relationships, financial management professionals claim that money is often at the root of marital discord. There are likely many Colorado couples who ultimately sought a divorce due to money-related issues.

The majority of money issues can often be attributed to four main areas. The first of which is the lack of open communication between partners. Traditionally, one spouse -- frequently the husband -- usually attended to the household finances. The problem created by this arrangement is that the non-involved spouse is often unaware of how to manage finances and investments if the husband were to become incapacitated or die. Professionals recommend that couples discuss all aspects of their finances on a regular basis so that there is clear understanding on both parts.

Child support deception lands officer on wrong side of the law

When parents can no longer maintain a relationship, the well-being of their child usually takes precedent. This includes resolving such issues as with whom the child will reside and which parent will be responsible for making child support payments. When these matters prove difficult to settle, Colorado parents can seek the advice of family law professionals.

According to a recent report, a police officer in another state may be facing a jail sentence based on allegations that he provided false payroll information to the courts. The deception purportedly came to light after the officer was the subject of an undisclosed investigation. The 40-year-old father is facing charges of providing false information to the courts, grand larceny and perjury, among other charges. He reportedly concealed the amount of his income and claimed that a shift change accounted for an increase.

Police captain facing charges for domestic violence

Those who are in law enforcement are entrusted to protect the safety of the residents in their jurisdiction. Of all the people under their protection, it may seem reasonable to expect that their personal families would be the highest priority. Unfortunately, the scourge of domestic violence can touch any family, even those who are charged to uphold the laws. Any Colorado resident could be at risk when a relationship becomes volatile.

One district attorney's office recently announced that a state police captain has been formally charged with domestic violence. The recent charges may have stemmed in part from earlier accounts of threatening behavior from the captain's former wife. Earlier this year, the wife purportedly obtained a restraining order against her husband that prevented him from approaching within 500 feet of her vicinity. Since then, there have been at least two other reports of police responding to additional reports of incidents.

Leaving an abusive marriage takes courage

Marriage is challenging enough for any two-people coming from different pasts and merging their lives under one roof. However, when the union of marriage puts one person under the violent control of another, it is simply a recipe for disaster. No person, neither man nor woman deserves to be treated inhumanely physically, verbally, sexually or emotionally. Damage to the psyche is incredibly harmful to an individual, especially under the constraints of a marriage vow.

It takes great courage and strength of will to choose a better life for yourself and any children involved. The Colorado family court systems are designed to act in the best interest of your children and your safety whenever there is a history of abuse.

Study reports fathers still awarded much less child custody time

In spite of the efforts that some states have made to award equal parenting time, one recent study indicates that fathers are still awarded significantly less time with their children. The results were broken down into different categories, but the end result is that fathers are still lagging behind in the time they are permitted to spend with their children. Though Colorado has its own child custody laws, the researchers expressed the hope that more states would strive to revise their laws in favor of shared custody.

The company behind the recent report markets software to parents for creating parenting plans. It stated, however, that no information for its customers was used in gathering the data it recently published. Instead, it conducted interviews with hundreds of family law professionals as well as researching custody orders in an effort to compile a list of every state with the percentages of time that fathers are permitted to share custody.

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