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Finances can be managed sensibly during a divorce

For many Colorado residents, it may seem that the end of a marriage is the end of many things, including financial stability. However, a divorce does not need to destroy one's hope of a stable financial future. There are ways to manage finances throughout a dissolution and emerge on solid financial footing afterwards.

During a divorce, it may seem that the best course is to focus on one's own needs. However, if both spouses' needs are taken into account, it may allow each to achieve a better financial position. Likewise, most individuals will be better off to avoid unsolicited advice offered by well-intentioned friends. When one is going through the process, guidance offered by professionals is most reliable. If one spouse handled the family finances, then a dissolution may provide an opportunity to learn to manage household expenses and create a budget in order to stay on top of liabilities and income flow.

Professional parents locked in on-going child support battle

Often, the classic tale of boy meets girl does not turn out to have a storybook ending as the partners may discover that they are not well suited. Unfortunately, if a child resulted from an unhealthy relationship, the ongoing battle over child support may continue for years. Colorado parents who are attempting to resolve these difficult disputes may benefit from the guidance of an attorney.

Several years ago, a woman studying to become a lawyer met a man who owned a dental clinic. The couple initially seemed to hit it off and commenced a relationship the resulted in a pregnancy. Unfortunately, both parties claimed that the relationship included verbal abuse with the woman claiming that the dentist was also physically abusive as well. The pair separated, and the woman later gave birth to a son. The woman stated that she had to pursue paternity testing in order to work out a child support agreement with the biological father.

Facebook user? Be careful sharing during divorce

A proud parent wants to show off -- your kids, loving husband, holidays and daily life. Social media sites can be a great way to share these fun times with family and friends, as well as more sad or solemn moments.

But in the unfortunate event that your marriage ends in divorce, oversharing can have consequences. 

Men and women appear to experience divorce in different ways

The choice to marry may be based on a variety of different emotional factors for both men and women. In the event that a divorce becomes inevitable, each partner may react differently based on his or her particular situation. Colorado residents who are facing an impending dissolution understandably experience numerous conflicting emotions throughout the process.

According to a study conducted by a clinical psychologist, women may have an edge on men when it comes to the emotional impact of a divorce. Women are often more attune to problems within the relationship and often turn to their friends and associates to discuss the issues. Because women often seem to have the stronger social support system, they are frequently able to work through their conflicting emotions before their spouse is fully aware of the existing problems.

Soldier intends to file for child custody of non-biological baby

In many circumstances, when a man learns he is not the biological father of a spouse's child, he might be expected to file for a divorce and walk away. However, there are cases when a man may choose to seek child custody in spite of not being a blood relative. There are many unique situations that Colorado residents may face in the process of seeking to ensure a child has the best home possible.

Recently, a deployed soldier learned the child his wife was expecting was not his biologically. In spite of hearing that news, he was determined to adopt the baby and raise it as his own son. Through a phone call from the soldier's sister, he was informed that his wife had gone into labor but that the child did not survive.

Officials offer another tool for protection in domestic violence

Sadly, in spite of many public service campaigns, the statistics for abuse in the home continues to rise. Officials in many states are struggling to find resources to offer adequate assistance to domestic violence victims. Colorado residents who have been a victim of abuse may seek legal protections from their abusers.

Recently, officials in one county in another state found enough funding in their operating budget to provide a few more special alarms to those who have been victims of violence in the past. Through the use of grants provided by the federal government, some victims were provided with these alarms that are connected directly to the county emergency call system. These devices are incorporated into a pendant that can be worn on one's person or hung in an easily accessible location in his or her home.

Military life and deployment take toll which can lead to divorce

The decision to marry while one or both spouses are in the military can be a difficult undertaking. When one spouse is left behind during deployments to raise the family, it can create feelings of resentment and loneliness. In many cases, that can lead to a divorce for many Colorado families.

Recently, one veteran military wife wrote a book to try and help other spouses cope with the reality that comes with being married to an active duty military member. This particular woman has been married for 22 years to an active duty Navy Seal who has been deployed for months at a time while she was left to raise their sons on her own. She stated that she often felt resentment toward both her husband and his job since she felt like her marriage was a low priority. Her husband admitted that he often took her contributions for granted while he carried out his military duties.

A full knowledge of marital estate may ease divorce process

On the wedding day, couples exchange promises that may include the phrase "Until death do us part." Sadly, approximately half of these marriages will end in divorce court rather than the cemetery. While the process of seeking a divorce can be an emotionally exhausting ordeal, Colorado residents who are dreading the property division aspect may benefit from being as prepared as possible.

In many states, a family court judge will attempt to ensure that the marital assets will be divided in an equitable manner. However, not all property can be weighted equally, and having a full knowledge of the extent of the marital estate may go a long way in providing financial security post-divorce. Some factors that spouses may need to consider are the nature and value of all assets, the possible tax repercussions from future liabilities, and the value of each former partner's separate assets. 

Who retains the Matisse when the marriage ends?

Not every couple has one or more original works of art gracing the walls of their home. But for those that do, the pieces represent as significant hurdle for equitable property division. Serious art lovers and collectors spend countless hours and funds curating their collections and retaining possession during a divorce is a major concern.

Does your family need a co-parenting plan?

Your children mean everything to you. They are your number one priority. Now that you and your spouse have decided to separate, you want to make sure that you do what is in the best interest of your kids. While you have taken the first steps to comfort them and listen to their concerns, you still worry about life long-term.

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