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Debt and credit important factors re property division in divorce

According to financial expert, Suze Orman, couples should pay close attention to the other's credit score before deciding to marry. Ignoring some important indications while dating and in the early years of a marriage may wind up costing both spouses during property division if they later file for divorce. Colorado residents who are facing an impending divorce may have concerns about how their spouse's debt could impact their finances.

One of the biggest contributing factors in a divorce involves disagreements over money. As such, couples are encouraged to have serious discussions over their approach to finances as well as the state of their own personal financial well-being. Orman takes this advice one step further and urges each partner to have an open discussion concerning the other's FICO score and credit history. If one has a poor credit rating, Orman recommends the relationship not be pursued.

Boy returned to mother after bitter 4-year child custody fight

The prospect of being separated from a child is a difficult one for parents. However, during a child custody dispute, most parents realize that they cannot be with their child all of the time, especially in a shared custody arrangement. The vast majority of Colorado parents can endure these brief separations, as it is usually in the child's best interest to spend time with each parent.

There are cases when one parent is not willing to share custody with the other parent. In these situations, children may find themselves in the midst of an intense battle that they may or may not understand. One recent case has dragged on for almost the entire life of one 4-year-old as his parents have each fought to win sole custody. Each parent has in turn been awarded custody, with the father recently being ordered to return the boy to the care of his mother. The father had previously moved to another state without the permission of the court that has jurisdiction in this dispute.

Third state passes law that addresses pets in a divorce

The decision to end a marriage is seldom undertaken without careful consideration. Two of the most complicated issues of a divorce revolve around the custody of any children and how to approach property division in a manner that will be most equitable. Colorado families do have laws that help regulate these matters, though not every issue can be decided easily.

One of the more difficult considerations -- besides how children will be raised post-divorce -- may be who will be awarded ownership of the family pets. In the vast majority of the states, pet ownership falls under the rules that guide how property will be divided. However, for many families, pets are considered as part of their family and deserve to be treated in a like manner. A third state recently agreed with that perspective and passed a law that will require judges to treat companion animals as more than a piece of furniture.

How children of divorce may function as adults

Many parents may feel concerned about how their child may react to a divorce when it happens. Then, after a while, you may wonder whether your child's behavior is still a result of an early divorce.

Here are a few findings on the psychological impacts that children of divorce may hold after they reach adulthood.

High asset divorce requires finesse and knowledgeable assistance

Those who have worked to accumulate wealth face more difficulties when their marriage comes to an end. While many Colorado residents believe that the best way to arrive at an acceptable settlement during a high asset divorce is to battle it out in court, there are other steps that can be taken. One of the most beneficial may be consulting with knowledgeable professionals.

Those who work in finance encourage couples with assets less than $10 million to work together as much as possible to avoid costly litigation. For couples who have assets in excess of $10 million, a divorce can quickly become complicated, especially if there is a closely owned business, valuable art work or overseas accounts involved. In addition, in light of the current culture, an unpleasant divorce could negatively affect a spouse's business reputation.

Domestic violence shelters want to do more for disabled victims

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office on Women's Health claims that the disabled population is more likely to suffer abuse, especially by caregivers. Sadly, though, there are many domestic violence shelters located here in Colorado and most other states in the country, but many of them are not equipped to assist those who may suffer from a disability. Fortunately, many organizations are working to ensure that this vulnerable segment of the population can also benefit from the services these shelters provide.

The staff at one shelter recently lamented that by the time staff are aware that a person suffers from a disability, the victim has already left the program due to an inability to communicate effectively. This particular shelter has secured funding to make modifications that will enhance communications with victims. However, one of the greater obstacles to providing assistance to these victims is being able to reach them in the first place.

Ex-wife accuses former husband of revenge over divorce

Recently, an ex-wife of a service member filed a lawsuit alleging that her former spouse, who is an active-duty major in the Special Forces, attempted to humiliate her by posting private images on social media websites. She alleges that he and his current partner have done so in revenge for his having to pay, as ordered in the divorce proceedings, child support for the former couple's two children. Her suit appears to be one of the first in a state that recently passed a law banning so-called revenge pornography. Colorado also has a revenge porn statute.

Her lawsuit also alleges that her ex-husband engaged in an adulterous relationship with another service member during her marriage. The man's girlfriend is a lieutenant colonel, serving as a medical provider at an Army hospital. The ex-wife contacted local police over her allegations of the illicit postings, though no criminal charges have as yet been filed.

Couple battling over value of silver in high asset divorce

During the breakdown of a marital relationship, there are often many points of contention. When couples are going through a high asset divorce, the level of bickering and accusations of wrongdoing is likely to intensify. Colorado residents who are embarking on their own high net worth divorce may wish to prepare a thorough inventory of all jointly held assets.

Recently, some of the details surrounding a divorce between a state senator and a recorder were released to the public through a local media source. Originally, the spouses agreed to keep the details of their divorce private while they worked on a settlement. However, a local paper appealed that decision, and the judge permitted the records to be opened to the public. The major point of dispute between the two parties appears to be over the value of a collection of precious metals that the husband has been purportedly stockpiling.

Man "most wanted" for back child support located

The end of a relationship between parents often means that one will be awarded physical custody and the other will be obligated to provide financial support. Though the majority of parents may not enjoy making child support payments, they do so to provide for their children. Colorado parents who struggle to meet these obligations can petition for modifications in certain circumstances.

Recently, one father, who was listed as being the "most wanted" for child support arrears, was located in another country. According to court records, the man and his wife divorced in 1989, and he was ordered to pay support for their four children in the amount of $100 per month. He then petitioned a judge in his area for a reduction after claiming he was unable to work. The payments were lowered to approximately $14.

More compromise leads to faster Colorado divorce proceedings

Though you may not get along with your spouse as you head toward divorce, trying to compromise on various issues may save you money and time. The emotional toll that divorce has on couples proves extreme, but distress only increases as more time is wasted dividing assets in court.

Though collaboration can prove difficult, you may want to discuss property division and expectations for outcomes before you enter the courtroom. Doing so, you can work toward a smooth, quick divorce proceeding - saving you thousands of dollars and sparing you prolonged mental anguish.

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