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December 2016 Archives

Interstate child custody laws in Colorado

You've gotten through a divorce, and you and the children still live in Colorado. Your former spouse, however, got a new job in another state. You worry your ex-spouse will try to go to court in another state to modify the custody arrangements, or as Colorado courts call it, parental responsibility, and move your children out of state. Can they do this?

Domestic violence in the Army may be underreported

The military is ultimately one of the most important avenues to help ensure that the populace stays safe in Colorado and elsewhere. However, a recent study has questioned whether certain instances of domestic violence are being adequately addressed within military families. If the information researchers discovered is accurate, then some children in military families may not be as safe as one would think.

How a prenuptial agreement may affect divorce in Colorado

Most people in Colorado, as well as other states, enter marriage hoping to remain united to their spouses for the rest of their lives. The reality is, however, that this not always possible. For reasons that may vary according to individual circumstances, spouses often choose to divorce at some point.

Trying to bounce back financially after divorce

Anyone in Colorado who has gone through a marital split likely understands the financial strain such circumstances can cause. For someone who had been at home raising children full time before a divorce, suddenly being thrust into the workforce and responsible for primary income can be a little overwhelming, to say the least. Setting small, attainable goals may prove quite beneficial toward regaining financial stability.

Decision making responsibility given to Pitt/Jolie's therapist

It is not every day that a Colorado psychologist gets to decide when, where and how often a father will see his own children. However, that decision making responsibility has indeed been given to a family therapist in the child custody case of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Fans across the world have been closely following the former couple's contentious situation, and the newest developments have to do with a temporary agreement that was forged in October.

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