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April 2016 Archives

Spousal support in Colorado: Lessons from a Hollywood divorce

It's not very often a Hollywood problem resonates in the real world. Leave it to David Hasselhoff, of former Baywatch fame, to break the typical trend. The star is providing an example of the long lasting consequences of divorce. The actor has reportedly filed for an adjustment to his current divorce agreement. A piece in the Toronto Sun discusses the legal move, noting Hasselhoff is seeking to reduce the agreed upon $21,000 monthly spousal support payments.

A fair division of marital assets relies upon honest disclosure

Many Colorado couples are fortunate enough to have amassed a considerable volume of wealth. When those marriages end in divorce, the division of marital assets can be a complex procedure. In order to reach a fair and balanced division of assets, it is imperative that both parties make an honest and full disclosure of all assets. In some cases, this not the approach taken by one party to the divorce.

In child custody cases, favoritism plays virtually no role

As kids age, they go through distinct period in which one parent is favored over the other. In fact, as they move through the later stages of adolescence, there are times at which neither parent is particularly valued. For those Colorado parents who are preparing for a child custody case, their worries over which parent the child prefers are often for naught. The courts might take a child's preferences into consideration, but custody is determined by a great many other factors.

Are false accusations of domestic violence common during divorce?

While the underlying cause of a marital breakup or a custody battle can be hard to pin down in some cases, in others it seems straightforward enough: One or both of the parties has accused the other of domestic violence or child abuse.

Two families vie for child custody of foster child

When a couple is unable to have a child of their own, they often exhaust every effort to add to their family. For a couple in one southern state, those efforts included trying to adopt the child of a distant cousin, who had already been placed in a foster home. They believed that the adoption was moving forward and were shocked when social workers took steps to prevent that child custody move. Their story serves as a cautionary tale for Colorado families who are seeking to adopt a child that has already been placed into the foster care system.  

Set aside child custody strife during graduation season

In just a few months, families across Colorado will gather to celebrate graduation. This a significant event in a young person's life and should be a joyous occasion, full of positivity and hope for the future. For kids who have become accustomed to divorce and child custody strife between their parents, graduation can also be a time of great stress. Parents can and should make every effort to give their kids the gift of a stress-free graduation experience.

What would the divorce judge say to spouses?

While most Colorado couples are able to work through the details of their divorces on their own, many will find themselves in front of a divorce judge before the matter is settled. Family court judges see all manner of things, from the ridiculous to the outrageous. If they could speak directly to the individuals who stand before them, many would offer the following divorce advice.

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