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Managing Your Emotions During Divorce

Divorce is stressful. How you manage that stress and the emotions associated with it matters. Managing your emotions is important. If left unchecked, emotional reactions have the capacity to significantly undermine your case.

Even the healthiest people often behave differently under the stresses of a divorce. At The Law Center P.C. , we will work to ensure that you have access to all of the support you need during your divorce. Our attorneys maintain referral lists of effective, experienced therapists to assist you. With your authorization, our attorneys and your therapist will confer to assist you will the ups and downs of a divorce case. Therapists can also assist in preparing you for a custody evaluation.

The worst possible situation is when an attorney “over identifies” with his or her client. Put another way, they “step into their client’s skin.” If your attorney becomes enmeshed in your emotions, they are no more effective and objective in representing you than you would be yourself. The Law Center P.C. ‘s managing attorney, Robert Wareham, is known to counsel his clients, “If I get emotionally involved in your case, fire me.” You want calm, reasoned and experienced counsel during these times when your feelings and emotions are potentially on edge. Experience and confidence allow our attorneys to manage your case without resorting to emotions.

When you work with our Highlands Ranch office, your lawyer will work diligently to obtain the best outcome for you. We focus on the legal side of your case; we count on you to make sure your emotions do not get the best of you.

Six Things You Can Do To Manage Stress And Avoid Outbursts During A Divorce

The following are some tools to help you avoid emotional outbursts during your divorce.

  1. Limit your consumption of alcohol — As tempting as it may be to unwind with a few drinks, alcohol impairs your judgment and ability to control your impulses. Be conscious of your use and limit or avoid alcohol during your divorce. Drunken dialing or texting has torpedoed more than a few cases. Sometimes it also results in criminal charges of harassment.
  2. Do not discuss your divorce on social media — What you say and do on the internet is visible and could be used against you in court. While Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks may seem like a good a place to vent or get social support, they are the last place you should be voicing your frustrations while ending a marriage. That’s right, that seemingly cute but acerbic remark about your children’s other parent might make exactly the wrong impression on the judicial officer. Remember, one of the factors in a custody battle is which parent is better able to foster a loving relationship with the other.
  3. Obtain a therapist — Having a therapist on your side is another tool to help you weather the emotions that will fly up. We often encourage our clients to talk with a therapist to give them a safe environment to process their emotions. While we are addressing the legal aspects of your case, a therapist will help keep you in the game. Our attorneys maintain referral lists of some of the best therapists in the region.
  4. Exercise — You do not need to be a marathon runner to benefit from exercise. Many studies have shown the benefits of even moderate exercise such as walking during a stressful time. It only takes 20 minutes. Sometimes just taking the day and driving to the mountains to hike or ski can be the perfect sedative to all of the stress and conflict that accompanies some divorces.
  5. Meditation — Like exercise, a regular practice of meditation has been shown to help relieve stress.
  6. Keep your sense of humor — With so much at stake, this may be easier said than done, but both laughing and smiling can be beneficial. According to the American Psychological Association, these acts alone provide therapeutic relief.

Your Guide Through A Difficult Time

The attorneys at The Law Center P.C. address the whole person. While much of what is going on in your life is of little legal relevance, we want to understand your life situation so that we can put what is relevant into context. We will guide you through a legal process that is often confusing and at times counterintuitive. If we observe behavior from you that could derail your case, your attorney will be direct in telling you to stop and encourage the use of a therapist. If you need help identifying a therapist, we can refer you to several resources in Highlands Ranch, Douglas County and the surrounding communities who can assist you.

To set up a consultation with an attorney at our firm, contact us at 303-991-5280 or send us an email.


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