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Steps to take while seeking to win a child custody case

When a parent loses custody of a child -- whether through a divorce or other reasons -- it takes a heavy emotional toll on him or her. There may be ways to regain at least partial child custody that may or may not involve pursing those rights in court. Colorado parents who are facing this challenging time may keep a few suggestions in mind that could help guide them.

Military divorce can have significant impact on pay; retirement

The prospect of going through a divorce is seldom a welcome one. If the dissolution is between a service member and a civilian spouse, it is important to know how a military divorce can impact one's pay and future retirement pension. Colorado residents who are preparing for this type of divorce may be unaware that many of the decisions regarding property division will be determined by state laws.

How divorce can emotionally affect your college student

Some parents believe that the older their child is, the easier it will be for them to adjust to divorce. They have a better understanding of how relationships work and know that some marriages are not bound to last. Divorcing while your child is in college means that they do not have to witness the nasty divorce proceedings in person or have to endure a tedious custody battle.

Debt and credit important factors re property division in divorce

According to financial expert, Suze Orman, couples should pay close attention to the other's credit score before deciding to marry. Ignoring some important indications while dating and in the early years of a marriage may wind up costing both spouses during property division if they later file for divorce. Colorado residents who are facing an impending divorce may have concerns about how their spouse's debt could impact their finances.

Boy returned to mother after bitter 4-year child custody fight

The prospect of being separated from a child is a difficult one for parents. However, during a child custody dispute, most parents realize that they cannot be with their child all of the time, especially in a shared custody arrangement. The vast majority of Colorado parents can endure these brief separations, as it is usually in the child's best interest to spend time with each parent.

Third state passes law that addresses pets in a divorce

The decision to end a marriage is seldom undertaken without careful consideration. Two of the most complicated issues of a divorce revolve around the custody of any children and how to approach property division in a manner that will be most equitable. Colorado families do have laws that help regulate these matters, though not every issue can be decided easily.

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