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What Are My Rights if I’m Pulled Over?

What Are My Rights if I’m Pulled Over? If you’re stopped by a law enforcement officer, you should ensure you are courteous and polite. It is not legally required, but it is not to your benefit to be combative or rude. An important thing to remember is that you are not by law required to tell the officer anything about where you’ve been or if you have had anything to drink that evening.Additionally, by law you have the right to decline to perform any field sobriety tests. You do not have to exit the vehicle unless you are being taken into custody and you may legally request that the officer issue you a citation and let you be on your way. You do not have to consent to a field Breathalyzer test, either; this test is inadmissible in court and is only useful to incriminate you.However, if you are taken into custody at any point during your interaction with police the rules change. Once you are in custody you are required by law to consent to a breath or blood test for alcohol, or a blood test for marijuana. Refusal to comply with one of these tests will result in an automatic one year suspension of your driver’s license as Colorado has a law known as the “implied consent” law. When you signed your paperwork for your license, you agreed to consent to a blood or breath test should you be suspected of being under the influence and subsequently taken into custody. : The Law Center PC

Weekly FAQ 8: Will I Get a Better Plea Deal With An Attorney?

Weekly FAQ 8: Will I Get a Better Plea Deal With An Attorney? A common question among those considering an attorney is whether or not they will receive a better plea deal if they have an attorney. Often the first plea deal offered would be offered regardless of whether or not you have an attorney. However, it may not be the most beneficial deal for you.An experienced attorney would know whether the plea deal was a good choice for you, or if you might be able to get a better deal once more factors have come to light. Your experienced attorney would know if any testing done on blood alcohol content would be admissible, the laws on field sobriety tests. Your attorney can help you present yourself in a better light and actively seek rehabilitation programs that will help the prosecutor see you more favorably.At The Law Center, PC we feel that you should have your best chance when you’re facing a prosecutor and a plea deal. Call our experienced attorneys today at 303-991-5200 and schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. Let us help you get the best plea deal. : The Law Center PC
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