Ensuring you receive an equitable share during a Colorado divorce

The process of dissolving your marriage can take a toll on you both emotionally and financially. In the event of a divorce, ensuring that you receive an equitable share of the assets may feel like a difficult proposition. Even though Colorado divorce laws require a fair division of marital property, it may be subjective as to what equitable will mean to you.

You may worry that the dissolution of your marriage will leave you with little to show for the time and resources you invested in your marriage. There are many decisions you will make as you set about rebuilding a life on your own. Worries about whether you will have enough to succeed may keep you up at night. If there are considerable assets or a business involved, then it may be even more important that a court take all of your input into consideration.

One key point that may help a court decide on a split that is as equitable as possible is to have a proper and impartial valuation of all assets prepared for the court. A judge who has as much information as possible is better equipped to rule on the matter. Additionally, if you are in a position to provide as much factual data as possible, including being able to show why a previous valuation may have been erroneous, then the court will be able to make a ruling that provides you with the assets you are entitled to receive.

Starting from a strong position based on accurate facts and figures is the best way to ensure that you are able to make a new life once the final divorce decree issued. Waiting until you and your former spouse are in front of the court to attempt to present your case may not be the best option in many situations. However, consulting with an experienced Colorado divorce attorney may help you present a solid case for the most equitable outcome possible.

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