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A marital property agreement, also called an “antenuptial” or “premarital” agreement, can be an effective tool for safeguarding one’s assets and interests prior to marriage. Likewise, a postnuptial agreement can provide important safeguards after the marriage.

At The Law Center P.C. , our family law lawyers help couples in Colorado draft and review marital agreements. We rely on our extensive expertise as well as the skills of paraprofessionals to produce agreements that will protect your interests in a cost-effective way.

Do-It-Yourself Is A Risky Choice

With so many online options available to create “do-it-yourself” legal documents, many wonder whether it is truly worthwhile to have a lawyer draft a prenuptial agreement. It is.

Some of the most expensive prenuptial and postnuptial cases stem from a couple’s attempt to craft the documents themselves. Without a keen understanding of the law, it is impossible for someone to foresee all the legal implications. How the terms of the agreement are phrased, what items are included and many other factors can make a vital difference. These agreements are created by statute in Colorado and REQUIRE certain processes and formalities. Don’t risk your assets with an inadequate or unenforceable agreement.

We Invest In Up-To-Date Knowledge

We invest heavily in continuing legal education for our attorneys and staff so that we can remain on the cutting edge of relevant laws. We are aware of the latest case law updates, changes to statutes and emerging trends in family law and divorce. This allows us to not only craft effective prenuptial agreements, but it also gives us an advantage in litigating any disputes over such documents.

In addition, we have an idea how most local judges are likely to rule on any particular matter because of our experience appearing before them. This knowledge is also invaluable when it comes to crafting creative prenuptial and postnuptial settlement agreements that help clients avoid the unnecessary cost and stress of future litigation.

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