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April 2018 Archives

Who retains the Matisse when the marriage ends?

Not every couple has one or more original works of art gracing the walls of their home. But for those that do, the pieces represent as significant hurdle for equitable property division. Serious art lovers and collectors spend countless hours and funds curating their collections and retaining possession during a divorce is a major concern.

Does your family need a co-parenting plan?

Your children mean everything to you. They are your number one priority. Now that you and your spouse have decided to separate, you want to make sure that you do what is in the best interest of your kids. While you have taken the first steps to comfort them and listen to their concerns, you still worry about life long-term.

Men suffer in the aftermath of a divorce as much as women

When a marriage dissolves, it may seem that women garner more sympathy from friends and co-workers. However, men also suffer in the aftermath of a divorce and may struggle too in their life, especially when children are involved. In order to find the best options for a successful future, Colorado residents may choose to seek the advice of experienced professionals.

Determing child custody for unmarried parents can be tricky

When a marriage between parents dissolves, it can be difficult for all parties involved. In cases where the parents were never married, deciding how to settle child custody may be even more complicated. Colorado has custody laws in place, but these situations may require extra attention in order to ensure that the child's best interests are protected.

Counseling can help facilitate healthy divorce discussions

Couples who find themselves in a stressful or unhealthy marriage are often encouraged to seek help from professional counselors. However, those who believe that their relationship is not sustainable may also seek help from these professionals to find the best path for their relationship, even if that includes divorce. Colorado residents may seek assistance from a variety of sources when considering a dissolution.

Pet custody often more than a division of marital assets issue

For many couples, the addition of a pet to their family can be as important as the arrival of a new baby. That may be why more and more couples are struggling to determine custody of the animal in the event of a divorce. For many Colorado spouses, custody of a dog is more than simply a division of marital assets decision.

A prenup in everyone's interests

When you read the term "prenuptual agreement," the first images which come to mind are likely negative. Isn't that all about shielding assets and cheating your partner before the marriage even starts? At best, it's not very romantic and awfully cold. Yet today's marriages sometimes have a lot of good reasons for a strong prenup that is in everyone's interests.

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