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Frequently Asked Questions

With all of our services, we believe that clients come first. If we haven’t answered your question in our Colorado law firm FAQs, please contact us at 303-991-5280.

Can The Law Center P.C. help me with my divorce and estate planning needs? What are the areas of law that The Law Center P.C. can help me with?

The Law Center P.C. is an innovative law firm serving all of Colorado from our offices in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. We also serve clients with their estate planning needs in Kansas from an office in Highlands Ranch. The Law Center P.C. represents clients in family law, criminal defense and DUI, trust and estate, business and tax planning and transactions, civil litigations, and firearms laws and Second Amendment rights, with the beliefs that clients come first and excellence is always in style. For a consultation, please contact our office at 303-991-5280 or email us.

Do you offer free consultations?

The Law Center P.C. does not offer free consultations in litigation matters (family law, criminal defense, etc.), because we know we have the ability to handle your case. People cheat themselves when they are not willing to pay an attorney. The most challenging and expensive cases we have handled are the ones where a client has come to us after working with another lawyer who mishandled their case. We keep our fees affordable to our clients by not giving away our time to someone only seeking free legal advice with no intention of hiring a lawyer. Our time and knowledge are our only product, we don’t give it away intentionally. That being said, over 90% of our potential new clients retain our services at their initial consultation.

On the other hand, our Estates and Trusts practice group does offer a free initial consultation for the purpose of determining what level of estate planning services are required. It is during this initial session that your attorney will discuss all of your options and give you the opportunity to choose which is best for your situation.

How do your hourly rates compare?

First, shopping for legal counsel merely by hourly rate is a recipe for disaster. What are you getting for that fee? Because of our success in the courtroom as well as at negotiating favorable settlements, our hourly rates are higher than many other small law firms. Because of that, you might think that we are more expensive than other law firms. Nothing could be further from the truth. Through the effective use of technology, and the leveraging of competent support staff, our fees to our clients are consistently less than the opposing party’s — even when their attorney’s hourly rate is lower. We have seen this time and time again when affidavits for attorney fees are filed near the end of the case. In one recent protracted and high conflict case, our fees were 40% lower than the other side’s, whose attorney’s rate was $25 per hour less than our managing attorney’s rate. We provide premium legal counsel at an outstanding value.

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