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December 2018 Archives

Innovative court seeks to stop domestic violence relapses

The one place that is supposed to provide solace and comfort is the family home. Sadly, for too many victims, this place of refuge becomes a nightmare when they are subjected to domestic violence. Regardless of the level of violence, Colorado residents who are enduring this type of behavior deserve to find relief and safety.

How to prove you need alimony

If you are a stay-at-home spouse planning to get a divorce, you may have concerns about your financial stability. While you may assume you deserve spousal maintenance, you may wonder if you will actually get it. There is no guarantee of alimony payments, but it is common for nonworking spouses to receive some.

Judge orders sale of priceless art collection to settle divorce

The process of determining the division of assets can be a difficult one for many Colorado couples. If they have accumulated considerable assets and property, then it may be even more difficult to arrive at an agreeable settlement. In many cases, it may require the efforts of a family court judge in order to finalize an acrimonious divorce agreement.

Tax law changes and divorce: more pain in the coming year?

There has been much discussion about how 2019 will bring new changes in the tax laws and how they will impact the average taxpayer. One of the most discussed is how the tax code will flip how alimony is taxed. This change is expected to play a significant role in future divorce filings in every state, including here in Colorado.

NFL and players urged to take steps to condemn domestic violence

Recently, yet another National Football League player was arrested on allegations of abuse. This is not the first time Reuben Foster has had allegations of domestic violence associated with him. Though all states, including Colorado, have laws that are intended to protect victims and hold offenders accountable, there are some who are urging the NFL and the players to take a stronger stand. 

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