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July 2015 Archives

Addressing credit matters during a high asset divorce

Many Colorado couples have achieved a high level of success during the course of their marriage and will have significant assets to divide during any divorce. Even so, it is not uncommon for one or both spouses to neglect their credit standing during a marriage. This can result in serious problems when the time comes to move forward and obtain lines of credit in one's own name after a divorce is finalized.

Domestic violence and divorce: Enough is enough

For many Colorado spouses, marriage has not proven to be all that one hoped and dreamed that it might be. Often, a situation can worsen in incremental amounts over a period of time, leaving a spouse completely shocked when an incident causes he or she to step back and evaluate the union. While there are a number of marital disappointments that can be addressed through hard work and counseling, domestic violence is an example of a fatal flaw within a marriage.

Prenups can simplify division of marital assets

For many Colorado couples, the decision to enter into a prenuptial agreement makes solid financial sense. These marital contracts are becoming far more common than in decades past, and couples find them to be a wise financial planning tool, regardless of their level of wealth upon entering into marriage. While many who draft a prenup will never need to call that document into action, having one in place can greatly simplify the division of marital assets in the event that the union ends in divorce.

Should collaborative divorce be legislated?

Another state is currently struggling with issues related to how attorneys serve their clients during divorce. A bill is expected to be introduced to legislators later this year concerning collaborative divorce, and debate is rising on whether the matter requires legislation. Should the bill be passed into law, divorce attorneys who enter into a collaborative divorce process would be prohibited from shifting into a traditionally litigated approach if the collaborative process fails. As it stands, couples in Colorado and all other states have the ability to pursue a collaborative divorce.

Compartmentalizing can ease divorce woes

When faced with the end of a marriage, many Colorado spouses have a hard time coming to terms with the changes ahead. Divorce can be a hectic time, and spouses are asked to provide a great deal of information to their attorneys. They must also spend a significant portion of time discussing the marriage and the cause of the pending divorce. This can all take an emotional toll, and individuals who do not establish strong coping mechanisms can face a difficult time as the divorce process moves forward.

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