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March 2017 Archives

Michelle Kwan, husband file for divorce

Marriage can be difficult under the best circumstances. Add in the pressures that can come from being a celebrity or having aspirations of a public office and it may come as no surprise when a couple files for divorce. Colorado families may be familiar with at least one of the parties in this latest petition for a marriage dissolution.

Prescription drugs and DUI

When you think of DUI charges, you may assume that the driver was drinking heavily or using illegal drugs. However, even people who would never engage in this type of behavior can find themselves facing criminal charges of Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Ability Impaired.

Lawmakers in one state seek wider database for protective orders

Entering into a new relationship can be an exciting time for new couples. Unfortunately, some relationships can end in victims of violence or threats seeking protective orders against a partner whom they now fear. Like every state, Colorado has laws in place that are intended to provide protection for those who are vulnerable in potentially violent relationships.

Colorado's drunk driving penalties among harshest in nation

If you are ever pulled over in Colorado on suspicion of drunk driving, it is wise to know what you are up against. The state's penalties for drinking and driving, per Westword, are among the nation's toughest, with Colorado ranking 18th out of all 50 states in terms of the severity of its punishments.

Considering the pet in Colorado divorce proceedings

In the past, deciding who gets custody of the children and who will get the house were two of the biggest decisions when a couple realized their marriage was no longer working. While those issues continue to be important, there is a relatively new issue that is gaining traction in divorce proceedings. It concerns the family pet.

Tips for helping children adapt to two homes

If you are going through a divorce or separation, your mind may be pulled in a million directions. Just as it may be a struggle for you to rebuild your life as a party of one and perhaps find a new place to live, among other major transitions, it may also be a struggle for your children.

Signs your spouse might be concealing assets

No one takes that walk down the aisle with the idea that the marriage may someday self-destruct, but regrettably, it does happen. Feelings fade, distrust arises and any number of other circumstances can lead your marriage to start circling the drain. If your situation is particularly acrimonious, you may also start to get the feeling that your ex, or soon-to-be-ex, may be hiding assets ahead of an impending separation or divorce. There are a number of methods spouses commonly use to conceal assets from one another, and these methods may include:

Later in life divorce may require some extra planning

While some sources state that marriages among many age groups seem to be lasting longer, it may be surprising to learn that there is one demographic that has seen a rising change in marital status. The numbers of divorce filings for the over-50 demographic have actually increased significantly since 1990. There are some extra considerations that Colorado residents may benefit from if they find themselves divorcing later in life.

How child custody works in Colorado

It is possible that deciding that a marriage or relationship isn't working may be the easier decision when children are involved. The harder issue may be determining how child custody will work out between the parents. In Colorado, the family laws were codified in 1973 and renamed in 1999 in order to better reflect the prevailing thoughts as to what living arrangements appear to best benefit the children. 

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