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jason really helped me with my firearm denial appeal he really knows what hes doing i higly recommend this place for any kind of criminal appeal

anakin graves

Jason Wareham worked closely with me through a complicated case, and devoted countless hours to the pursuit of justice the right way. I would highly recommend Jason as counsel for civilian or military affairs.

Jeremy Blanchard

Krystal with the Law Center came recommended seperately from two friends. We specifically needed an estate attorney with planning experience for special needs children. We met with her a couple of times to learn about the process, options, and dealing with the immediate and long term plans. She and her team are efficient- we didn’t waste alot of time. I appreciated that they include a summary with the stack of legal documents explaining what they are and why they are important. Her paralegal, Jill, took time during the signing process to explain exactly what forms we were signing. I look forward to continuing to work with Krystal in the future.


Jason Wareham worked a case on behalf of a service member whom I represent. He attacked the case from multiple angles and would not take no for answer. He ultimately achieved the service member’s goal and ensured that justice was done by the service member. Whether you are military, a veteran, or a civilian client, Jason and his team can be trusted to fight for you tooth and nail and not accept any BS from the opposition!

Mac Caldwell

Jason Wareham did an excellent job helping me with my case. He also worked with my financial situation to help alleviate stress. He saw the case through to completion and I would highly recommend him for any representation as he is so knowledgeable.

Simon Richardsen

Jason Wareham at “The Law Center P.C.” was phenomenal. He didn’t argue our case strictly from a legal perspective. He spent time getting to know us, as a family, including our value system. Then he helped us litigate with honor, prioritizing our message in a compelling narrative that ultimately won the day! This was an unprecedented victory, which is also what makes Jason unique. He isn’t afraid to be a trailblazer, taking on cases that have no precedent or obvious path forward. On top of that, we became friends through the process. While we initially hesitated to retain legal counsel due to the cost, he helped save my career. The cost is worth every penny!

dean grey

Very easy to communicate with. Comfortable with the direction given and answers with all our questions. They went above and beyond our expectations. We worked with Krystal Woodbury, Jill Sullivan, and Jennifer Holschuh. All were very professional and knowledgeable in their approach.

Craig S.

Your office is fortunate to have someone that is both proficient in the technical areas of their job and exceptional in their customer service skills and delivers on both with an attitude that says, “We care about you as our client.”


I owe you my life. I knew I was innocent of the charge of attempted murder, but I never dreamed you would get the charges completely dismissed without going to trial! Thanks for your thorough investigation of my case.


I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your hard work and perseverance. … I can’t believe we have had such great results.


I had a very old charge in FL that resulted in adjudication withheld, and now I live out of state. While doing my own research I became very confused about my 2nd Amendment rights. Federal vs state, purchase vs possession, FFL vs private sale, etc. I was a little skeptical of this firms consultation fee but very happy I paid it. The lawyer I spoke with was very knowledgeable and I could tell he was passionate about our rights. I have a clearer picture of what the process looks like, and what to do if there are any bumps in the road. He went one step further in providing me with resources online and in my area to confidently facilitate exercising my rights.


I want to thank you for everything you did for my grandkids. You truly amazed me with how you brought the truth out in everything, especially as to why the kids have ended up in therapy. These past few months have been hard seeing the children in such a state of confusion due to what has happened. I thank you for bringing some of it out.

I truly was in awe and impressed by your examination skills. Thank you again.


First and foremost, I cannot say enough great things about Mr. Wareham and his whole staff! He went above and beyond my expectations when I went to him regarding my needs. Mr . Wareham gave me the utmost respect and courtesy listening to the situation that I was in, and his communication to me was fantastic, always keeping me updated either by phone or email, keeping me posted with what was going on; and I can promise that Mr. Wareham will be handling all of my attorney needs from now on. I am a very happy client and proud to say that my attorney is Mr. Wareham! Thank you so very much with everything you have done for me!

Travis C.

Hired Attorney

Very experienced attorney. Kept my family and my best interest in focus, current and long term, while negotiating ethically and firmly. Best outcome possible. Talented experienced support staff making this an incredibly strong team.


Thank you for the outstanding job you did at getting the results I needed and deserved. Thank you for all your diligent hard work. You did an amazing job. Jennifer and Robert, you are an awesome team that compliments each other very well and were a perfect fit for me and my situation. I felt as if you both truly cared about me and the outcome of my case.

Cynthia H.

Not only is The Law Center P.C. good at what they do, but is also caring, competent, efficient, ethical and effective. I was so scared throughout my high conflict divorce, and the stakes have never been so high. I trusted them with my life, my future and my children’s best interest and wasn’t let down once. All the staff is so amazing at what they do. Roberta and Gabby are not only skilled at what they do, but sweet and caring with every encounter. They made it feel so effortless, like I was calling a friend. Jennifer doesn’t miss a beat and is so sharp and on point. She is truly the glue that keeps it all together. Robert’s presence is both physically commanding and comforting. During the scariest time of my life, he made me feel safe! The anchor in my storm. The entire experience with The Law Center P.C. will be the lighthouse of stability and hope in a very rocky and storm sea of my life. Thank you The Law Center P.C. for guiding me to calmer waters, where I can enjoy the calm and serenity of the beach and not have to focus on the sand. With heartfelt sincerity and gratitude.


I came to the Law Center as a long-term homemaker. During my marriage I had raised our children and had just gone back to work. My husband handled the finances and I faced an uncertain financial future after the marriage. Through discovery, Chris Erskine was able to investigate my husband’s finances and obtain an equitable financial settlement. I received a large lump-sum payment that was roughly equal to the entire marital estate. By receiving a lump sum payment in lieu of spousal maintenance, I was provided freedom to invest the funds as I see fit. Also, I was provided the assurance of receiving these funds instead of counting on future spousal maintenance payments.”


Mr. Wareham has represented me on a couple different matters. Given the nature of his service, I have elected to keep him on retainer going forward, as it brings me substantial confidence having him watch out for my best interests. He has shown what I consider to be ‘yacht level’ service. Not only have I received highest level representation and advisement, I have received it in a most timely fashion. It is this that I find most reassuring. When the wolves are at the door, the value of having the best counsel readily available is without equal.

J. David

Jason Wareham is as professional and knowledgeable as it gets and when it comes to your family the best is the only option. He adjusted his approach as the situation changed and was strong when he needed to be and also empathetic when that was needed. If you want the best then go with Jason Wareham is basically what I am trying to say here.


Jason was very patient with me when my situation had me panicked. He calmed me down, had me explain the situation and agreed with my course of action (him knowing the specifics of my life agreed with the safest path forward). He does care about his clients as people first and will represent and guide you based off his extensive experience.


My divorce was not simple, and my ex-husband did not make it easy. But Chris has been there to make sure that my child and I can get what we needed as quickly and painlessly as possible. He has guided me through every step and reassured me when things got scary. I can’t imagine where we would be without him!


Jason Wareham and his team are fantastic to work with. If you want professionalism and expedious results, try The Law Center in Highlands Ranch.


I was extremely blessed to have Jason Wareham as my defense counselor as I endeavored to have my record cleared and remain in the US Marine Corps. Jason’s technical competence and his masterful understanding of administrative procedure, naval justice and due process were a critical asset in my fight for justice. Additionally, Jason consistently demonstrated the ability to navigate political winds and media interest in a high-profile case in a capable and reassuring fashion. Jason Wareham was eminently qualified for the task, and my victory is a testament to Jason’s skillset. Jason is extraordinarily well versed in naval justice and trial law, but it is his emotional intelligence and his ability to connect with people from a wide array of backgrounds that truly make him an exceptional trial lawyer and litigator. I trusted Jason Wareham with my career and professional standing – he did not let me down.

Jason B

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your assistance with handling my recent court case. I felt like the case was managed professionally and seamlessly from beginning to end. Robert Wareham was prepared, knowledgeable, helpful and, most importantly, effective.


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