Colorado coach Joe Tumpkin faces allegations of domestic violence

In football, a safety’s job is to be the hardest hitting tackler in order to try and prevent the other team from gaining yardage. Recently, a man entrusted with ensuring that the University of Colorado football team’s safeties are tough and physical has been accused of domestic violence. He has not been charged yet, but the victim has obtained a restraining order.

According to the woman’s statement, the 45-year-old assistant coach, Joe Tumpkin, physically attacked her on numerous occasions throughout their three-year relationship. She apparently claimed that her former boyfriend first assaulted her in early 2015 after she arrived for a visit. Details from the formal complaint stated the woman traveled from her home state to visit the coach a couple of times a month.

The assaults allegedly increased in severity when the woman decided to live with Tumpkin for a short period in 2015. She described being subjected to choking, biting, hair pulling and being slammed into walls. In addition, she stated that Tumkin made threats against other men.

The abuse purportedly continued off and on, with the last incident taking place in November of last year. In an effort to protect herself, the woman took the step of petitioning for a restraining order from the Colorado courts.The order was granted and a hearing to determine if it should be permanent is scheduled for the end of the month. The coach, who was supposedly being considered for a promotion, has not yet been formally charged, but has been suspended from his coaching duties with pay. Anyone who has suffered from domestic violence may consult an attorney who can provide guidance as to how to protect one’s self from further harm.

Source:, “Broomfield police investigate domestic violence allegations against CU Buffs assistant Joe Tumpkin“, Mitchell Byars, Jan. 10, 2017

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