Divorce of former NFL kicker, Josh Brown, finalized

Many young athletes dream of making it to the NFL and having a long and successful career. However, not every dream has a happy ending. That holds true of marriage too, as so many later end in divorce. Even football players who make it to the big-time are not immune to the consequences of life, as one player recently discovered. Colorado football fans may be familiar with Josh Brown after highly publicized claims surfaced concerning abuse of his wife.

Brown’s divorce proceedings has reportedly come to an end. It was not a peaceful split, due in significant part to claims that he was physically abusive to his wife. According to police reports, he was arrested in May 2015 for domestic abuse. Ultimately, he was suspended by the NFL for not complying with its conduct code. Thereafter, he was released by his team.

Brown is obligated to pay alimony to his former wife over the next two years for an estimated $360,000. He will also be required to pay monthly child support in the amount of $4,000 toward the support of his daughter, who is six. Shortly after the domestic violence records were released, including Brown’s admissions of the abusive conduct, the Giants formally cut from the team last October.

The former kicker made an estimated $20 million during his career with the NFL, and the alimony and child support will likely not prove to be a hardship for him. He is also required to continue with counseling for domestic violence issues. Those with significant assets in Colorado who are considering a divorce will likely benefit by consulting with an attorney who focuses on high asset divorces.


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