Robin Thicke will continue to share child custody time with ex

Possibly one of the hardest aspects of divorce may be how to handle the raising of a former couple’s children. It may only get more difficult to reach a child custody agreement when at least one parent is a celebrity as it gets more difficult to keep one’s private life out of the news. As Colorado residents may have read, Robin Thicke recently had another public disagreement with his son’s mother.

The former Mrs. Thicke purportedly petitioned the court to seek a reduction in the amount of time that Mr. Thick was permitted to spend with his child. She alleged that the father indulged in both alcoholic beverages and illegal substances when in the presence of his young son and that he had abused their child.

Mr. Thicke contended that he occasionally resorted to light corporeal punishment upon which both parties had apparently agreed to at some point during their parenting discussions while they were married. The boy’s mother purportedly attempted to modify the parenting plan when the boy allegedly shared the spanking information with school personnel. School officials then contacted the local office of Child Services.

After the parties presented their sides, the judge determined that it would not be beneficial to the 6-year-old child to change the current parenting plan in effect. Colorado families who are struggling to come up with a child custody agreement or believe that any current plans in place may need modification can choose to seek the guidance of an attorney who is knowledgeable in all aspects of family law. In the majority of situations, parents seek to determine what type of custody arrangement would truly be in the child’s best interest, and a knowledgeable professional can help in this process.

Source:, “Judge denies Paula Patton request to limit Robin Thicke’s child custody“, Jan. 13, 2017

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