3 hidden costs of a DUI conviction

If the police charge you with driving under the influence (DUI), you should not just take it on the chin. There are many ways to contest these charges, and you need to consider them all.

You might not have considered just how much a DUI conviction will affect your life. Here are some of those consequences you might never have considered

1. Your insurance will increase

The average price increase is $729 per year for a Colorado DUI conviction or an extra 53%. Any future convictions would push that up further.

2. You may need to attend alcohol education classes or do community service

While neither of these things is as harmful to you as spending time in jail, they still require you to give up your time. That could cut into your time to work, study or care for your kids. You may have to turn down work and may have to pay for extra childcare so you can attend these things. It all adds up.

Community service can also be quite visible, and some people may treat you differently after they see you out on the street with people they would not like to hang around with as you complete your service.

3. Employers and others may not want you because of your criminal record

Some employers will reject anyone with a criminal record. They might not even look at what it is for. One misjudgment over alcohol certainly does not mean they cannot let you loose around children or large sums of money, but it may all be the same to them as they press delete on your application.

The best way to avoid these consequences is to defeat the DUI charge you face. Seek legal help to find out how.

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