3 tips for handling custody during the holidays

The first holiday season after a divorce can be challenging, even more so if you have kids. Most children enjoy the Christmas holidays, and you won’t want to disappoint your kids this time around.

Here are some ways to help you make this Christmas as good as possible, despite the change in circumstances.

Put your children’s best interests first

Typically kids would like to see both parents at Christmas, so if you can make that work then great. Remember, the child’s best interest does not always mean giving them what they want. So if doing so would involve spending the whole holiday driving between houses, consider that might not be best. If letting them spend time with their other parent or in-laws would put their safety at risk, that again would not be in their best interests.

Don’t overreach yourself

Your spouse might be able to afford more expensive presents for your kids than you can. Do not waste your time or blow your budget trying to compete. Money is tight for many people after a divorce, and getting yourself into debt to make a big Christmas will only lead to stress. That won’t help you be the best parent you can be.

If you explain you can’t afford a present or can only afford a small one, your children will probably understand. If your spouse can afford it, good for them. Remember, spending quality time together is more important.

Plan for it in your parenting plan

Special dates such as holidays and birthdays are often complicated for divorced couples with children. That is why you should always plan for them when creating your parenting plan. Seek legal help to make one that works for everyone.

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