4 sets of people to tell about your divorce

You might not feel like shouting about your pending divorce from the rooftops. Yet, you should think about telling a few key people.

These are people who can help you through it or who need to know because it will affect them. Here are four of those groups:

Your children

If you have children, they should be among the first to know you are ending your marriage. It will affect them more than anyone else. Think carefully about when to break the news and what you will say. You need to tailor the information for their age and coping skills.

Your child’s teachers

Your teachers spend more time with your children than almost anyone else and may have accompanied them for years. Informing the school allows teachers to make allowances if your child starts acting out, which can happen when parents divorce. It also allows staff to support your child through this challenging time.

Your close friends and family

These will almost certainly want to help you, but you might need to tell them how. It could range from making time for a heart-to-heart on the phone to picking up your children from school when you have to go to court.

Your boss

Your divorce will occupy your mind and your time. This is bound to have some effect at work. Telling your boss gives them a chance to make allowances if you are not at your best and perhaps look for ways to help you, such as giving you time off when needed or lessening your workload.

There is one more set of people you need to tell – you need a legal team to guide you through your divorce.

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