Navigating the child custody system in Colorado

Many former spouses in Colorado face unexpected challenges when it comes to developing parenting plans after divorce. Child custody issues tend to evoke strong emotions on both sides. If former spouses have difficulty discussing important topics without arguing, they may find it best to seek outside intervention to help avoid contentious courtroom battles.

The court has the final say regarding issues concerning custody, visitation and child support. However, most judges will take parents’ opinions into consideration as long as the best interests of the children affected are protected. Sometimes, allowing an advocate to speak and act on one’s behalf increases the chances of obtaining a swift a positive solution to a child-related divorce issue.

With the holidays approaching, many divorced parents will be making decisions that may bear on their child custody situations. In fact, many court orders include specific visitation terms for holidays. Children no doubt fare best when parents are able to cooperate and compromise where needed in order to keep their best interests at heart and come up with a plan that allows kids to enjoy a holiday without parental derision.

Any parent in Colorado in need of child custody guidance, especially during the holidays, may contact The Law Center P.C. for assistance. Helping you solve your current custody or visitation problems in a cost-effective manner is of paramount importance to us. With skilled negotiation and assertive representation, you can focus on building new family traditions while we act on your behalf to seek resolutions to your parenting-related problems.

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