Man’s refund seized as arrearage for child support he didn’t owe

A man in another state facing legal complications due to not paying support for his child is certainly not the first parent to pursue such matters in court. Many parents in Colorado and across the nation have experienced similar problems concerning child support, custody and visitation matters. In this particular situation, the man’s problems began after his son had been living with him full time for approximately two years.

The court had granted the man 100 percent time-sharing with his son in light of evidence of neglect by the mother. Some two years later, the man’s driver’s license was suddenly revoked due to supposed unpaid child support. Shortly thereafter, he received a notice in the mail saying he owed the boy’s mother $30,000 in unpaid support payments.

A hearing officer rectified the problem by confirming the man’s payments were up to date and reinstating his license. However, the situation grew further complicated when the man’s tax refund and funds in a health savings account set up for his son were seized for child support. A circuit court judge later ruled that all seizures against the man were to cease and all monies already seized were to be returned.

There may be a parent in Colorado currently facing similar challenges related to child support. If so, a request to meet with a family law attorney may be the first step toward seeking an immediate resolution to the problem. Every situation is different, and an experienced attorney can review a particular case to help determine how best to proceed in court to see that justice is done.

Source:, “Bar Bulletin: State office comes after father for back child support that he never owed”, Susannah Collins Robinson, Nov. 28, 2016

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