Woman cries foul regarding spousal maintenance issue

Every divorce is different, and former spouses often include particular stipulations in their settlements that bear significant impact on their futures. In a situation outside Colorado, a former wife has returned to court to request that the provisions of her divorce settlement be enforced. It appears her former husband had initially agreed to pay a certain amount of spousal maintenance, but he has allegedly failed to adhere to the terms of the agreement.

The man in question is a former top executive at a high-asset global banking and investment firm. His salary while employed at the company is said to have been at least $7 million a year. His former wife says he left his job and has not secured new employment as a direct way of avoiding paying her alimony.

The former couple’s divorce settlement linked spousal maintenance payments directly to the man’s ability to find a job. His former spouse says the lack of employment is entirely intentional on his part. It is not the first time she has accused her former spouse of wrongdoing.

During their embattled divorce proceedings, she claimed he allowed his children to be present at an annual party he hosted with friends where they would all trip out on psychedelic mushroom drugs. As part of the divorce settlement agreement, however, she rescinded the allegations. How the judge will rule regarding the current spousal maintenance issue remains to be seen. Anyone in Colorado facing similar alimony trouble may seek guidance from an experienced family law attorney.

Source: New York Post, “‘Wife-swapping’ banker accused of delaying job search to avoid alimony“, Julia Marsh, Nov. 10, 2016

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