Seeking to mediate your divorce? Consider these ideas

Just as there is no one correct way to achieve a healthy marriage, there is no one correct way to achieve a healthy divorce. Some couples do not fundamentally disagree on matters of property division or child custody and are able to pursue a straightforward, uncontested divorce. Other couples do fundamentally disagree on important matters and ultimately choose litigation in order to settle their differences.

Many couples find themselves in a position in between these two relative extremes. These couples neither fundamentally disagree on important matters nor do they agree on basically every issue affected by their divorce. These couples often benefit from pursuing mediation. In a mediation setting, each individual and his or her attorney meet to discuss divorce-related issues with the aid of an impartial third-party mediator.

If you are considering mediation, please consider choosing a family law attorney who has experience with this kind of divorce in particular. Some attorneys focus more on the extreme ends of the divorce spectrum. Choosing an attorney who is a good fit for a mediated approach will likely save you time, money and stress.

In addition, consider taking time to really research your mediator. You want an experienced divorce mediator who is a compassionate problem solver. You should consider meeting any potential candidates in a consultation setting before committing to a mediator. You, your spouse and your attorney should all feel comfortable with a given mediator before he or she is ultimately chosen to aid you and your spouse in your divorce process.


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