Useful steps to begin the divorce process when spouse is deployed

Being married to a spouse who serves his or her country can be an honor and a burden. In some cases, a service member who is deployed may inform the stateside spouse that the marriage is no longer sustainable. In these difficult circumstances, there are steps that a spouse can take that may make the divorce process a little less challenging. Military spouses living in Colorado may consider these steps in order to make this life transition easier.

When one receives news that a deployed spouse is contemplating a divorce, one of the first steps a stateside spouse may choose is consulting with an experienced family law attorney. Doing so does not commit one to filing for a divorce, but it may allow the spouse to assess his or her options. This meeting could also help a spouse gain a clearer picture of the process and how to prepare for a divorce should it become inevitable. A another step that may prove beneficial is taking advantage of any counseling offered by the military for spouses before a divorce is initiated. Counseling can help one deal with the emotional aspects that are involved when a relationship is floundering.

Other measures that may allow a spouse to prepare is gathering all household and financial information. Having pertinent information on hand regarding the state of the family’s finances may allow a spouse to take a balanced approach regarding the funds that will be required to set up two separate households as well as plan appropriately for meeting the needs of any minor children. Lastly, a military spouse could consider the best means of beginning a necessary legal separation that state laws may require.

A Colorado spouse facing divorce from a deployed service member may be unsure of how to imagine the future once a divorce has been completed. While a divorce can be a tumultuous time, having a plan can help alleviate some of the uncertainty. In addition, having a vision for the rest of one’s life can help ensure that one’s family can see this as a stepping stone for a better tomorrow.

Source:, “6 Steps Through A Deployment Divorce“, Matthew R. Hamel, Esq., Accessed on July 21, 2017

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