Higher divorce rate for those in certain careers

A healthy marriage can be difficult to maintain under the best of circumstances. Add in the stresses of certain careers and other factors, and it may not be surprising that some relationships are more likely to end in a divorce. As many Colorado families have learned, it is better to leave an unhealthy relationship than to remain in a broken marriage.

According to the latest research utilizing data from the Census Bureau, there are some careers that are more prone to experiencing higher rates of divorce. Those who work as military supervisors for enlisted personnel see the highest rates at approximately 30 percent. These professionals are responsible for overseeing those who are first-line military service members, which can lead to a higher level of danger. The percentages varied somewhat among the different branches. Those who were deployed experienced the highest overall rates.

While three of the top 10 careers with the highest divorce rates were associated with the military, other high-risk careers include those associated with the automotive service industry and logistics. While deployments and careers that contain high levels of stress may be expected to see a higher rate of unsuccessful marriages, income and age also play a role in whether a marriage will end in a dissolution. Even though the overall divorce rate has dropped, the rate among older couples has increased significantly.

Those careers associated with a lower divorce rate include religious occupations, speech pathologists and dentistry. While there are situations and careers that can lead to a troubled marriage, there are many other factors that can lead to a divorce filing. When a Colorado family finds that a relationship is no longer sustainable, it may be confusing as to how or where to begin. There are experienced and compassionate family law professionals who can help one navigate through the process as painlessly and quickly as possible.


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