There are tips that can make a divorce filing less difficult

When a couple concludes that a marriage is no longer viable, both may feel overwhelmed and uncertain how to proceed. There are some measures that each can take that may make a divorce less taxing on one’s emotional and financial well-being. A divorce is a trying experience, and Colorado residents may feel that the process is too daunting to attempt without the guidance of professionals who can provide sound advice along the way.

One suggestion that may help ease the emotional burden is to approach the process in a logical manner. It may help to step back and assess whether an issue is worth battling over simply for the satisfaction gained from winning a small victory. Instead, keeping a big picture viewpoint may ease the temptation to fight over matters that are readily settled. In addition, having knowledge of the marital assets can go a long way in ensuring that the eventual settlement is as equitable as possible without a tedious financial investigation carried out by either an attorney or other professionals.

Another factor to consider is whether the timing is correct for filing for a divorce. For instance, if a settlement will require the sale of the family home and the housing market is struggling, then the process may be delayed indefinitely while waiting for the right buyer. Likewise, if a spouse is due a bonus or other financial windfall, then delaying a filing until the opportune moment may be the better option.

Lastly, emotional outbursts during a consultation with one’s attorney can wind up costing more money as the legal aspects of obtaining a divorce are set aside. Expressing strong emotions is often necessary during this tumultuous period, but doing so during billable hours will not facilitate the process. Colorado residents may be best served by consulting with an experienced and compassionate divorce attorney who can provide skilled guidance to make the process less costly — financially and emotionally.

Source:, “A divorce lawyer shares advice on making the process a little smoother“, Lisa Scherzer, Feb. 27, 2018

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