Be careful to avoid several divorce misconceptions

The decision to end a marriage may have come after discussions with close friends or other loved ones. However, it may be best to avoid unsolicited advice when seeking to proceed with a divorce. While there are many well-meaning pieces of advice floating around, Colorado residents may be better served to seek professional assistance.

One of the worst tips a colleague may suggest is to figure out child support matters on one’s own using the state’s online calculators. Unfortunately, unless one is knowledgeable about all of the possible exceptions to the suggested guidelines, any figures a spouse comes up with may be a disservice to both parties. Additionally, there are methods a court uses to determine actual income that are not available to the average website visitor. Another suggestion that may be offered is to use just one attorney for both spouses. This is inappropriate and never a valid idea for cutting costs.

Other tips one may hear is that a no-fault divorce means no financial repercussions. This may also be untrue based on individual circumstances. Additionally, a retirement or pension account is not safe from division during a divorce as there are orders that can allow for these assets to be split between spouses. Another falsehood is that relinquishing ownership in a home will automatically relieve one’s financial obligations. This is also untrue as it will require additional paperwork and legal agreements to ensure one is no longer held responsible for any secured debts.

Lastly, it may be suggested to keep children in the dark concerning a marital dissolution. This is also unfounded and may actually increase the amount of anxiety and insecurity that a child may experience. It is recommended that children are protected from the animosity that often accompanies a divorce, but it is better to discuss the changes with children while providing reassurance concerning their own stability. Colorado spouses who are facing an impending divorce of their own may benefit from securing their own experienced attorney who can guide them throughout the process .

Source: HuffPost, “Divorce Alternative Facts: A Half Dozen of the Biggest Whoppers“, Larry Sarezky, Accessed on Feb. 25, 2018

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