Superstar pitcher for New York Mets accused of domestic violence

Many families in Colorado and other states in the nation encounter problems that appear impossible to resolve without outside intervention. Some situations are obviously more serious than others. When incidents occur where domestic violence is suspected, a concerned parent may feel the need to seek support for self-protection and to protect any children that might be in the home. There have been several professional athletes accused of domestic-related offenses recently, including famed pitcher of the New York Mets, Jeurys Familia.

Ironically, Familia reportedly took part in a recent anti-domestic violence campaign. Not long after, he himself was arrested and charged for such crimes. Police who were called to the scene of an alleged altercation involving Familia said the victim had a bruised cheek and a scratch in the chest area.

The name of the alleged victim was not released to the public. The Mets issued a public statement about the incident, however, saying they are aware and are closely following the situation. Some say it is highly likely that Familia will incur disciplinary action with the Mets, regardless whether charges are eventually dropped.

In any type of domestic violence situation, it is always best to secure support from an experienced advocate. A family law attorney possesses clear understanding of Colorado law and can provide sound counsel and effective representation to those facing such circumstances. Safety is always of paramount importance, as well as seeking justice and obtaining a positive outcome that helps increase the chances for moving forward toward a happy and successful future.

Source: USA Today, “New York Mets pitcher Jeurys Familia arrested on domestic violence charge“, Andrew Wyrich, Abbott Koloff, Nov. 1, 2016

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