Child custody situation leads to shots fired at Walmart

Many situations in Colorado involving physical or legal custody of children grow contentious and stressful when those involved disagree. Some child custody situations may even become dangerous. An incident in another state has apparently done so, and one of the people involved is now in jail.

Reportedly, this particular family situation involved the grandmother of a 2-year-old child and the child’s father. The court recently handed down a decision with which the grandmother appears to be dissatisfied. The court ruled in favor of the child’s father for physical custody.

The two adults were supposed to meet in a local Walmart parking lot. The purpose of the scheduled rendezvous was so that the grandmother could, pursuant to the court’s order, deliver her grandchild into the custody of the child’s father. What happened next reportedly left everyone in shock, and the grandmother was placed under arrest. Authorities say that instead of safely delivering the child to the father, the woman instead pulled out a weapon and opened live gunfire upon him.

Thankfully, the father was not injured by the shots fired at him, although the grandmother is said to have accidentally shot herself in the foot before fleeing the scene. After being apprehended somewhat later, she was then hospitalized. No charges against the grandmother have yet been filed, though they are said to be pending. While obviously not every child custody situation in Colorado plays out like this one, many concerned parents need help in fighting for their rights. Such support can be obtained through experienced representation from a family law attorney.

Source:, “Grandmother opens fire in Randleman Walmart parking lot after losing custody battle to child’s father“, Oct. 20, 2016

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