Soldier intends to file for child custody of non-biological baby

In many circumstances, when a man learns he is not the biological father of a spouse’s child, he might be expected to file for a divorce and walk away. However, there are cases when a man may choose to seek child custody in spite of not being a blood relative. There are many unique situations that Colorado residents may face in the process of seeking to ensure a child has the best home possible.

Recently, a deployed soldier learned the child his wife was expecting was not his biologically. In spite of hearing that news, he was determined to adopt the baby and raise it as his own son. Through a phone call from the soldier’s sister, he was informed that his wife had gone into labor but that the child did not survive.

In an unusual twist, a traffic stop near the wife’s location lead to officials discovering a couple in their 40s traveling with a new-born male child. The couple confessed that the baby was not theirs as he was given to them to raise. The soldier’s wife had reportedly conspired with this couple to falsify the birth registration and allowed the couple to take the infant.

The soldier has since filed for divorce and is preparing to fight for child custody. The baby is currently residing in a foster home while officials determine the best arrangements to meet the infant’s needs. His mother, who is facing charges, has vehemently protested the idea of the soldier raising her child. It is unclear whether the service member will be awarded any custody rights in the future. Colorado residents who are facing the prospect of a military divorce and custody issues may be best served by seeking the guidance of an attorney who is experienced in military procedures and family law.

Source:, “Soldier Fights for Custody of Son After Being Told Baby Died“, Kathleen Joyce, May 18, 2018

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