Men and women appear to experience divorce in different ways

The choice to marry may be based on a variety of different emotional factors for both men and women. In the event that a divorce becomes inevitable, each partner may react differently based on his or her particular situation. Colorado residents who are facing an impending dissolution understandably experience numerous conflicting emotions throughout the process.

According to a study conducted by a clinical psychologist, women may have an edge on men when it comes to the emotional impact of a divorce. Women are often more attune to problems within the relationship and often turn to their friends and associates to discuss the issues. Because women often seem to have the stronger social support system, they are frequently able to work through their conflicting emotions before their spouse is fully aware of the existing problems.

By the time a spouse is facing a divorce filing, he may attempt to deflect the dissolution by suggesting the couple work together. Unfortunately, by this time, the psychologist stated that women are simply relieved that they have found a solution to their problem and are often unwilling to salvage the relationship. Subsequently, the study suggested that men may struggle more with feelings of anger, resentment and disappointment due in part to the lack of a strong support network.

It was suggested that those who are struggling emotionally during a divorce seek to reengage in previous hobbies or activities that they formerly enjoyed prior to the marriage. Doing so may help one experience a renewed sense of self-confidence and allow one to focus more on achieving personal growth. A divorce is seldom an easy undertaking regardless of the circumstances. Colorado residents who are beginning the process often have many pressing concerns that need to be addressed. They may benefit from the assistance that an experienced and compassionate family law attorney can provide.

Source:, “Golson: How women and men face divorce differently”, Robin Golson, May 17, 2018

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