Reasons to not post details of a divorce on social media

The divorce rate declines throughout the country, and part of it seems to be due to more people having access to education. In an article by Colorado Public Radio, it was found that 2013 had the lowest divorce rate in the state in nearly a decade. A little over 24,000 divorces took place in the state during that year.

There are many ways to go about this process maturely. One is to avoid oversharing on social media. While a person may find it natural to post every detail of his or her life on Facebook, divorces are naturally different. There are several reasons why it may be best to keep the details of the legal proceedings private until everything is final.

It prevents hurt feelings

Announcing a divorce is not something a person wants to jump the gun on. A person should inform family members and close friends first in person before letting casual acquaintances know. When the time does come to make an announcement, the couple should do it together. This shows everyone the two people are likely going to get through this process maturely.

It prevents a person from self-incrimination

A couple needs to decide on many difficult matters during a divorce. One of the most important is child custody. If a couple cannot decide on a custody agreement, then a judge will need to decide. Social media posts can count as evidence, and if one person bashes the other parent constantly, then it looks bad in court. It is better to say nothing at all than something negative.

It prevents a spouse from spying on an ex

In most cases, it is preferable to stay off Facebook and Twitter entirely. A person goes through numerous negative emotions during a divorce, which is completely natural. However, spying on an ex’s Facebook account and seeing that he or she is with someone new can open up new wounds. For a person’s ultimate well-being, it is best to stay away from the computer.

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