October is domestic violence awareness month to support victims

The majority of families in Colorado live in warm, nurturing environments where the members provide support for one another. Unfortunately, there are also families who experience the trauma of domestic violence in many different forms. In an effort to draw attention to this serious social issue, October has been designated as an awareness month.

The first nationwide attempt to draw attention to this crisis was held in 1981 and was referred to as the “Day of Unity.” It came about through the efforts of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The organization had a three-fold approach to raise awareness and prevent further issues. These three prongs were geared toward working to help those who assist victims to join efforts, honoring those who have escaped these situations and memorializing those who did not survive.

The first official day quickly morphed into a week of activities and then eventually into a month-long outreach. The month of October was first designated as the Domestic Violence Awareness month in 1987. That year also marks the nationwide launch of the hotline dedicated to those victims who needed assistance.  In 1989, lawmakers recognized the month as an official domestic abuse outreach period.

Congress has renewed that designation every year, with the first Monday in October still officially recognized as the Day of Unity. Domestic Violence is still a serious social issue throughout the country. Colorado residents who are struggling with this disconcerting problem are assured of the right to reach out for information concerning how to protect themselves and any minor children who may be affected. The assistance of an experienced and compassionate family law attorney can help ensure one’s safety through protective orders and provide valuable peace of mind.

Source: nrcdv.org, “Dvam History/Domestic violence awareness project”, Accessed on Sept. 22, 2017

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