Not every state is typical when it comes to divorce

The national rate at which people end their marriages is often quoted as being approximately 40 percent. There are many variables that go into that number, and various states have differing rates of divorce filings. Colorado makes the list of states with a higher rate of divorce, which may mean that residents here may benefit from having a plan regarding future property division.

It may seem strange that Valentine’s Day, which is a holiday that celebrates love, comes in the midst of divorce season. Though the country’s divorce rate has remained relatively unchanged over the past several years, each state has its own statistics. As would be expected, in those states where the marriage rate is lower, the divorce rate is also lower. In states with a higher average of married residents, the divorce rate rises accordingly.

The unofficial divorce season begins in January and tends to run until sometime in March. This year’s season began with an announcement of a high-profile divorce between the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and his wife, MacKenzie. Their home state of Washington reports a lower divorce rate than that of New York or many of the southern states. The American Community Survey released data that reports on the numbers of divorce petitions per 1,000 married couples over the age of 15 and is based on data complied by each state.

While Colorado ranks in the top ten, this data in no way should be seen as predictive of whether a marriage will thrive, though it may point to the fact that couples might benefit from being prepared for the possibility of a divorce. Colorado is a marital property state, meaning that the courts will attempt to ensure that the division of marital assets will be equitable, but not necessarily equal. Those who desire the best settlement agreement that will enable them to achieve financial stability may seek the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.

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