Actor Tom Arnold files for divorce for fourth time

Life in Hollywood comes with not just fame and extravagant lifestyles; it also comes with a great deal of pressure and the stress of constant public scrutiny. This may be one reason why many celebrity marriages end in divorce. In reality, marriages often face obstacles that some Colorado residents have discovered simply cannot be overcome.

Recently, actor Tom Arnold announced that he and his current wife have decided to part ways. The couple have been married for approximately nine years and they have two young children. Though they did not list a date of separation in their court documents, the actor stated that they officially split up toward the end of January.

There were no details provided concerning how they will determine the division of their marital assets, but they alluded to allowing the court to decide the matter for them. He has also stated that he and his wife, Ashley Groussman, will both seek to share legal and physical custody of the children, who are ages 5 and 3. Arnold listed irreconcilable differences as the basis for seeking a divorce.

This will be the fourth marriage for the actor that has ended in a divorce petition. He stated that the goal is to ensure that each party can move forward in life while assuring that the children’s needs will be provided for in the best manner possible. Colorado residents who have come to the realization that their marriage is no longer functional may seek the guidance of an experienced family law attorney for assistance in pursuing a settlement agreement that best meets their needs and those of their children.

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