NFL player Josh Gordon’s absence attributed to child support

Regardless of one’s occupation, the issue of paying support for one’s child can often be a struggle for parents. Under certain circumstances, even star football athletes may find it difficult to meet their obligations for child support. Colorado residents who are struggling to make or receive these types of support may seek assistance through the family courts.

One of the NFL’s standout players during the 2013 season, Josh Gordon, has since struggled on and off the field. His team, the Cleveland Browns, had hopes that Gordon’s return would help them out, but that may now be uncertain. The athlete recently sent a notice to his team that he would be unable to attend training camp due to personal issues. There is speculation that his unexpected departure is connected to his ongoing dispute over child support payments.

According to court records, Gordon has repeatedly failed to cooperate with requests for information concerning his current income and has missed court appearances. He and his lawyer have claimed that his treatment for substance abuse — and his suspension for the same — has resulted in him not receiving any income during the past two seasons, However, he was scheduled to resume his position with the team this year and would be entitled to his regular salary of $800,000. He purportedly attempted to negotiate with the mother of his child to set a lower amount than the estimated $6,700 per month that the court recently ordered to begin in August.

It is unclear whether Gordon will return to the team in time for its opening game. In the meantime, the order to pay child support is still in effect, though he has reportedly not made any payments to date. Whenever Colorado parents find themselves unable to collect or make these payments in a timely manner, they may be able to file a petition for modifications. An experienced attorney can provide assistance in these matters.

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